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Episode 13 · 9 months ago

Building a Writing Community with Deb Eckerling

Deb Eckerling, founder of Write On and author of Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning, and Achieving Goals, joins the podcast to chat about writing communities, the importance of setting (and rethinking) goals, email and social media marketing tips, and super easy cooking recipes that'll make your tummy happy.

Episode 12 · 10 months ago

Leadership, Sales Strategy, and 90s Rock Bands with Scott Leese

Scott Leese is a three-time winner of the American Association of Inside Sales’ Top 25 Inside Sales Professionals, and a highly sought-after consultant, advisor, leader, and sales trainer. With a focus on sales strategy, people, process, and infrastructure, he’s worked with several companies with a $0-$25m ARR, giving them expert guidance as they scale. If you have a product or service you want to sell, Scott will make it happen.

Episode 11 · 10 months ago

Exploring the Creative Process with Monotony: The Musical Creators Sarah Luery and Jared Chance Taylor

Working on your own side hustle? This episode, featuring Monotony: The Musical creators Sarah Luery and Jared Chance Taylor, dives into how to find your inspiration and discover the creative process that works best for you. It's really fun to sing along with, as well!

Episode 10 · 10 months ago

We’re All Just Trying Not to Yell at Each Other with Professional Whistler Sam Nulton

Sam Nulton may be one of the most interesting people you’ll meet. He’s a professional whistler, has covered tons of sports as a freelance camera operator, has traveled the world, and his music has been featured all over the internet, from workout routines to makeup tutorials. We're chatting the creative process, effective uses of social media, and some of his top experiences as a musician.