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Episode 25 · 7 months ago

Improving Mental Toughness with Dr. Rob Bell

Dr. Rob Bell shares his tips for improving mental toughness, defines what a hinge moment is and how to identify them, some of his most painful experiences, and shares highlights from his new book, Puke & Rally.

Episode 24 · 7 months ago

Empowering Women with Jane DO

Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo of fitness brand Jane DO chat building a brand, new challenges and opportunities with home workouts, and how they've created a community to empower women across the world.

Episode 23 · 7 months ago

How to Write a Book People Want to Read with Michael C. Bland

It's time to write a book, kiddos! Author Michael C. Bland discusses his new book The Price of Safety and shares tips and insights on putting a book together, from writing to marketing and much more.

Episode 22 · 7 months ago

Beers, Blogging, and Brands with Caitlin and Melanie of 512 Brewed

The 512 Brewed Podcast ladies talk all things beer, how to build a personal brand, and we plan our buying strategy for Michael Jordan’s mansion.

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