Good People, Cool Things
Good People, Cool Things

Episode 22 · 1 year ago

Beers, Blogging, and Brands with Caitlin and Melanie of 512 Brewed


The 512 Brewed Podcast ladies talk all things beer, how to build a personal brand, and we plan our buying strategy for Michael Jordan’s mansion.

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Welcome the good people cool things topodcast featuring conversations with entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and other creatives. I'm yourhost, Joey held, and today's guests are Caitlyn and Melanie from the one, two Brood podcast, or chatting all different kinds of beer related shenanigans,from starting a podcast about beer, some of the best distilleries in Austin andthroughout the country and just our favorite drinks in general. There's lots of othergood stuff in here around building a brand, the power of community and why it'simportant to just be nice to other people. If you like to getin touch with the show, you can do so a couple of different ways. Reach out via email joey at good people, Cool Thingscom, or followthe show at Gpct podcast on both facebook and twitter. You can also supportthe show by checking out the new March store. visit good people, coolthingscom, click the shop button and you will be transported to an online storeof all kinds of food. Board play. But first let's have our conversation withCaitlin and Melanie, and I'd love to ask to start out, whatwas the first beer that you ever tried to remember? Um, I don'tremember the first beer. I do remember the first time I tried beer andit was back of like my aunt my uncle. They lived out on farmand they always throw like parties and it was like don't parties, you know, and all the kids would be around and they get like one of theteenagers to be a babysitter. This is the s you know, and myuncle that they would get kegs in. My uncle, like I remember sovividly. He like like, you know, pumped the like tap and then likepoured into like a Red Solo Cup and he was like you and tryit, and I was like yeah, sure, and I tried one sip. I was like, Oh, this is disgusting and he was like he'slike, he's the you'll change your mind later and sure not. Yeah,how does similar for me? I don't remember the first beer that I had, you know, on its own. My parents are are really cool,and so I do remember one time going out to a bar. With them. How was I don't know, any one. Thousand Three hundred and fourteen. I was. I still had like the x's on the back of myhands on stuff. We were just hanging out and they had non alcoholic beerand I was like, oh, like mom, I try one of thoseand was like okay, and I remember I got this bottle and I'm sittingat the bar and I take a SWIG and I'm like this is disgusting.Why do people do this for fun? And I just remember nursing that beer, an alcoholic beer, the rest of the time because I did not wantto drink it. That's funny. That's funny. Did you act like youwere like drunk? And no, but because I knew it was not alcoholic. Oh okay, yeah, that's making me think it did. Have youseen freaks and Geeks? Yes, I love the show. It is it'sso spectacular. But the episode, which I believe is like the second episodeof the series, where they swap out a caget the House Party with nonalcoholic beer and everyone just thinks that they're drunk everything. That's such a goodshow. That's yeah, I say that's my one of my favorite scenes,but I think I say that with like every scene from the show. Ido too, every time I think I have one just like. Well,know that that one's also very good too, because I was wondering. I waswondering if you were going to talk about when they like did their fakedriver's license and it's like this big cardboard cut out of like a driver's licenseand you basically go stand where the idea is and it's like some food takinga photo and you get like a fake ide that way. Like such agood show. Meloni, Melani, have you not seen it? I'll terriblewatching tea. Oh, we need to do a marathon. Come over.It's like what, two and a half seasons? It's one season. It'seven shorter than that. Yeah, I said I was like one and ahalf, because then it it's like it got canceled like abruptly and like halfof one of the seasons didn't even make it to air. Yeah, it'slike all technically one season, but yeah, it's basically like what aired and thenI think maybe like ABC family or something somehow ended up with the remainingepisodes and just like air them out of order like several months later. Soyou get you get no sense of continuity at all. And I don't knowif you know this, money but it's got like people like some of yourfavorite like a list comedians in it, like Seth Rogan. Oh God,what's his name? Some of the other Jens Franco's, and there Jason Siegel, when the Cardelini, who is currently starting in dead to me. Ifyou such a good enjoy that show as well. Yeah, we keep ontalking about shows for like ten hours. This has become a TV podcast.Whenever you want to start one of those jelly I am so Y I I'llmessage you offline. I have I have a good idea for a show.Well, I've been like looking at here shows and I like would love toget a show where it's like, you know, you follow it for thewhole like series, and well, I...

...can tell you this will be ashameless plug for my other podcast, which, yeah, parks and wrecked, wherewe have been watching the entire series of parks and wreck one of ourcohosts works in the parks and Reck Department here in Austin but has never seenthe show before. So really he hadn't at the start of the podcast,but we are. Our next episode will be the end of season five,so we've we've gotten through a good chunk of the show. That is sucha good idea. Like I wish I could go back and watch like showslike parks and wrecking the office for the first time ever. I know,so magical. So it's nice seeing it like through yes eyes. That's cool. That's a cool I child hasn't seen the show, but you're probably like, I don't know. I'm the third person who I'm like like, youknow, I don't know, holding on. I'm trying not to like tell allthe spoilers and being like, Oh wait to this guy shows up orlike she he doesn't matter. He's gone like t season because of, likeyou know, personal set drama. But yeah, well, if y'all needany volunteers, people who haven't watched any of the shows that you're going tobe talking about, count me. And because I am terrible at being ontrend of TV money, I'm in text you on the good day and belike all right, I got a new name for pocast. I'm gonna Watchthe show. Feel I look forward to all of this and to getting melodyup to speed in the twenty one century. Here me too. But before wedive two down, too far down the TV path, which I'm surewe will get back to at some point in this podcast, let's hear aboutyour podcast. What inspired the five two Brood podcast? Melanie? Do youwanna go? Yeah, yeah, so when we when corona fine like wasfirst coming around and and we were starting the at home quarantine and everything,I texted Kaitlin one day and I was like, Heylen, we should starta podcast, like, I'm board, I know you're bored, we haveall the second time. Let's start a podcast. And she was like,Oh, yeah, maybe like that. Look super into it. I thinkI was like. I think I was like hello, yeah, and likelike never said anything back, like but I was thinking. I kept thatidea in my head. Yeah, well, in the thing is is we didn'treally have anything to like go off of it, and so like wekind of talked about it. We didn't really know what we wanted to do. You know, we kind of played it on the the idea of makingit like a gossip podcast or Austin based podcast or like, you know,Kaitlyn wanted to do a conspiracy, conspiracy theory podcast, and I was likehard no on that one. It's a lot of work that that type ofpodcast. Yeah, and then Kitlyn had a brilliant you famiss on one dayfor an idea for a name. Kaitlyn, you tell him. Yeah, so, like I kept the idea in my head and I was like,you know, I was definitely like looking for ways to create content, likedifferent ways, like I don't know, I kids in my head. Iwas thinking and then it was I was in like by Hallway in my house, is late at night, and I just thought of it, like whydon't we call it, like we could do this podcast, like why don'twe call it like five, one to Brood? And when I've had thisidea was probably like two or three weeks after Melli first mentioned something to meand I came up with idea because like five went to like that's like thearea could that we're living in, but that's also it means something else andlike going numbered by number, like five is a number of dogs that Melanieand I have between us, like she's got three, I have to andthen one is a number of beers that we would talk about on the podcast, and then too would be the number of people talking about the beer onthe podcast. And I was like it just kind of like really lines upperfectly. Five, one, two brewd like it sounds, it flows niceoff the tongue and I was like, once we had the idea, oronce I had this name idea. I don't know why I like with thename that I felt so on Boord, but I was like, all right, let's do it. I told her the name. She was fully onboard and we think it was the next day, we spent probably like twoor three hours like on a zoom called like kind of really talking about whatthis podcast would be. Yeah, awesome, and that's some conspiracy theory level numberanalyzing there. With the five one too. Let's I slipped it in. I slipped it in. You still you still got a little taste ofit. You just didn't have to prepare twelve hours for every episode, thegoodness, and then argue it with everyone on the Internet. But that isthe best part. Yeah, so I think a lot of people have kindof been doing a similar like hey, why don't we start a podcast,especially with more downtime, with not being able to go out as much,and I think a lot of people are still kind of hesitant because they thinkit's this great barrier to entry and it's you know, you need to haveall this technical know how, which you might just prove me wrong with youranswer here, but I don't think you...

...necessarily need so how, like what'syour setup like? How did you how did you get it out into theworld? Yeah, so, like I mean, I would say like oneof the hardest things I think some people struggle with is, like, Iknow like a year ago I was not comfortable hearing my voice and video.I never did any video content, any audio content, but like I kindof sucked up and got over it, and I know that's a big hurdlefor people. But I mean at first we were doing like zoom calls.We were doing it with our apple headsets or like headphones, you know,with the little mic built in with wires and which has surprisingly good quality ifyou're on a low budget. I will say those apple earbuds or whatever,the ones with the wires, not the Bluetooth ones. Yeah, that wasa come with the IPHONES. Yeah, yeah, and so we started thatfor a few episodes. Melanie's Melanie has a friend WHO's like an audio editorand he kind of like message her and was like Hey, let me helpy'all like it. So we brought him on. Like he's helping him incollege right now. He lives in Australia, so it's like a twelve hour timedifference. So we went from doing zoom calls to then doing like individualvoice memos with the same microphone and headset. In that way he could kind ofadjust the audio files together. But now we're recording together now. Wejust started that last week and we're using like a blue yettie thanks to Melanie'sbrother. Yes, yeah, so it's been good. I mean it's definitelylearning curve is probably one of the easiest things. Granted me and Melanie arecoming in here with experience of like building a brand and creating content and marketingthat content. You know, my goodness, that segued very nicely into my nextquestion for each of Y'all because, yeah, this isn't like your firstkind of foray into this type of creating a brand. You both have verywonderful websites and I'll let you do I'll let you do zoom, rock paperscissors to see who goes first, but I can one of you tell meabout your blog or if you want to do a fun this could be feelfree to shoot this down immediately, but if you want to talk about eachother's blogs, I like that. Okay, yeah, other that, who was? Do you want to go first? Annie? Yeah, I'll go first. So, Kitlyn, and and correct me if you're wrong, butif I'm wrong, did you start your instagram or blog first? So myinstagram transition from like a personal instagram to like my blog instagram. So ifyou like, I don't want to like tempt anyone to do it, butif you go back like over five years, you'll see, you know, me, hang out on the sorority sisters and like my day job and goto college. But currently scrolling down, yes, yeah, no, I'vegot almost like twozero photos, or I think I have over two thou sowe'll take a while. But I started the block like five years ago and, okay, I would say the instagram became a thing when I moved toAustin. So, Hey, let this is my moment. All right,all right. So caitlyn her, you know, living in a Virginia.Her and her boyfriend decided to move to Austin and he's kind of going.Who introduced her to the craft beer scene, which is kind of what got herinto like realizing that beer is like so much more than just going toa brewery and like drinking beer, like there's so much fun behind it,and so she's created this beautiful, amazing brand that you know, is notonly an amazing like advocate and voice for the craft beer industry, but shealso showcases how fun it is, how you know beer travels, how toyou know everything that encompasses beer, and you know what comes with that.She does an amazing job of covering. So you know, if you everneed to go on a vacation and you want to know what breweries to hitout, like, there's probably a Katelie Guy, the big rolt small girlguide to help you with that. And Yeah, I know she's she's youthe reason that, you know, I got kind of inspired and starting myown blog, so I thank her for that. You'RE gonna oh my Gud, I feel like I'm crying here. Know that you totally right and thankyou for saying that. That's like what's really awesome. If I missing points, I go for it. Yeah, melonie's got a dog. Count.She's got a dog. Is scrams, then now I'm just kissing. No, no, okay, so Melodie, like most people when they get dogs, you know, they take a whole bunch of photos and share them totheir instagram. Count, facebook, count and it's Melanis all the potential thereand she decided to provide like so much more value than just like photos ofcute dogs, which she has three of, and she's been like like her blogit's not just it's for dog owners, it's not just for cute photos ofdogs, like it's for people.

Like there's helpful articles on training,like on great or like, you know, travel is to go traveling with andgreat places to go see in this city. I almost feel like she'slike what I do for craft beer, what what she does have for dogs. And she's so good at reaching out and like networking and connecting and likesupporting other content creators and I really think that's helped her grown and like theamount of value that she provides to her audience is incredible and that's something thatalways keeps me inspired, because she does so much more than just like acute little picture of a dog and like five words it's a quote, likeshe's actually providing value and helpful tips and training like notes and helping out localbusinesses. So Oh yeah, and yeah, I mean I have dogs myself andher blog is something I use as a resource like regularly. Personally.We're all sobbing now. So this podcast will just be fighting through tears.It's cool, it's great. It's great. That's like two thousand and twenty.Yeah, and the dark paths. It's great. No, yeah,I think that's fantastic and totally I always appreciate dog resources as well. Assomeone who recently moved from one to two dogs, I got to thank you. He is great. Is it a puppy? Yeah, he's about ayear and four months old now, so he's still got lots of puppy energy. He is currently awaiting a hip surgery at Austin pets alive for injury thatthey think he maybe was hit by a car, but he's what I didn'tknow this was a breed, but a Jack Russell terrier dockson mix. Soa jock shunned Jackson like like a boy, like a little boy born, bornin like two thousand and nineteen, because nobody get any ideas. AndJackson, he is a little boy born in twenty nineteen. Yeah, go. I can't wait till, like, you know, this year's list oftop baby names comes out. It's like his name's first jock friend and alot of other ones that'll just make me shake my head and discuss. I'llbe great. So you've both got your your blogs and have kind of beenrunning for a while. What's something that's surprised you about having these accounts?You can go first only if you want. Um, I guess I always andespecially when I saw I was transitioning, because I did start out as justlike a cute dog picture instagram where I was not really providing any valueor content aside from just cute dawn pictures me. When I was making thechange, I think something that I was really scared and like worried about wasthat I was not really going to be welcomed into this like you know,you think of it as like a click of like bloggers and influencers and likepeople who you know, are running really successful accounts, and I was like, as I got you started getting out, like invited out to of them andstuff. I was like I'm might going to fit in, and thenturns out, like you hear this all the time, but like these arenormal people and everybody that I've met is so nice and so welcoming and Ithink that was a very welcome surprice in my opinion. Yeah, I mean, I don't know, like this' another thing that I contribute to my growthand successed with my blog is getting connected with the network of bloggers here inAustin, and I don't know if this unique to the city or what,but like connecting with them has been so great and it's like developed real friendshipsjust like me, Melody Nice. I do feel like it is unique toAustin. I say this having lived in other cities, but I guess Iwasn't really blogging while I was in those other cities. So who knows,maybe there's great blogging communities everywhere, but Austin's definitely does seem very special,and I would even extend that to the music community to like everyone is justsuper supportive and welcoming and happy when things are going well for other people,which seems like a foreign concept to somewhere. So it's really good to see andsuper helpful. Yeah, yeah, I would just wrap it. Idon't know. I kind of like sum it up as an awesome thing then, because I would say the same thing about crap like breweries. They're verysupportive and huge community with them and they're always helping out with each other,whether it's like Oh yeah, you can bring my beer your beer here orlike, oh, your keg, your Kegger or whatever, like your kegmachine broke yet, bring it over here. You can fill up your kegs here. You ran out of crawlers. They're always helping each other out.One we're another. When this normally that should be like your competition. Yeah, it's so wonderful to see and we're going to we're going to make youdo a little a little more thinking here, but I always think this is funfor people that have booming accounts. Do you have a favorite or mostmemorable post um? Do you wait?...

Let me go first. Okay,I guess it's pretty like subjective right to like what's memorable, what's favorite,but one pos it's always the stuff that like surprises me, that does reallywell or like that I never see coming, that does really well, takes offsomething that's shared by everyone, commented on, people are tagging. Butit was like this picture recently, recently of me at the seafeed restaurant alsoand called T'l see Austin, and it was me holding up like a keencrab leg and it it's like my highest engage photo like of the year todate. And like, I guess the past twelve months today. And Yeah, I'm like that's pretty interesting. I've got like a beer in the cornerof the photo, but it's like it's a pretty good looking crab leg.I say that one was really fun. I just it is funny because Iwas like out getting that photo and like my boyfriend and I were like thelighting wasn't good and, like, you know, just wasn't good situation takea great photo, and that was like the one photo I could like,I don't know, scrange together and, I don't know, turn out everyone of my best photos of the years. So it is a cute photo.It's gotta give back crab leg. The people crazy right. Well,I guess not to bring the mood down at all, but that's what you'reabout to do. But so I have, like Kaitlyn mentioned, I have threedogs. My Great Day was diagnosed with them Foma, about like sixmonths ago, and I've always been, you know, Hughes at the timehe was diagnosed and he's doing fine now. For anybody WHO's like about to tunenow because they can't handle it, he's fine. He's intermission. Butso we went there chem out therapy and I had been a VETEC for afew years and I it's still like kind of hit me like a wall ofbricks when he was diagnosed. So I created this blog post to like kindof walk through others who might be going through this experience or, you know, have gone through in the past. You know about what we did andwhat helped and what didn't help. And the blot the instagram post right anouncedthat is this picture is one of my favorite pictures of Paulo and I,and that is it's not my most like picture, but it's definitely that postwhere, like I had so many people reach out and like share their storiesand like thank me for, you know, writing my story and and how it'sbeen able to help them go through the same thing. and to melike that is the main reason where I was like hey, I'm doing somethingthat, even if it only helps one person, like I'm happy. So, yeah, it's so much more meaningful and I should have picked something likethat. Yeah, it's also minds a crab leg. Now that is thatis a great photo, and there teelse's crab legs are very good. They'regood and it was like King Krab, you know, a Paul A,Paula is also king. He's a scourgeous like great Dane. He's like,I don't know, five foot tall, HMM. Heats like or cups offood, like some times a day. No, he's a chance, likehe everybody who sees him, everybody like he puts a smile on everyone's faces. People cannot like resist them selves when they're around him. They're like,Oh my God, could find him, like like Mellie's like, Oh'm sorry, he's drilling all over you, and they're like I don't care, likeyeah, he's a sweet little pup or big puppy. I remember when Ifirst adopted my first Stog, I was looking at good apartment dogs and GreatDanes kept popping up on the list, which I they're almos, like outrageous, and then I actually met a great day. I was like I couldsee this, like they're kind of they're kind of really chill and like superfriendly and like just great to get along with. Like, I know,I know, I mean, people have said it just when we've been outmelanie with Apollo, but they're like Oh, like, I bet he requires somuch energy, or like he's probably a handful of house and you likenight bredges like just chills in the catch all. They yeah, he justwants to sleep, eat and like drill, color and drill. Yeah, buthe doesn't want to do that. I just happens. So just theuncontrollable drew like you should see my my ceilings. They're covered and droll.Hey, this it's like a fun time. Ceiloks covered with drums. Every timehe shakes, it just goes everywhere. When we had to move out ourwe we moved not too long ago and when we moved out of ourlast house, we have to take a magic like get on the ladder andtake a magic race or to the ceilings, because there was like drools flatters everywhere. The craziest part is they have like twenty foot faulted ceilings. Theyhave skylights in everywhere. You team.

This is a bit of a sidetangent, but I just I saw something that Michael Jordan's mansion in Chicago isstill on the market. Apparently it's been there for over threezero days on Zillo, Whoa, which is like eight and a half years or something like that, and I was looking at pictures on on I think was on business insider. They were just doing like a tour through his house and just the levelof excess is fantastic. I'm surprised nobody snag that up yet. I feellike that would be, you know, kind of for a lot of people, like, yeah, I live in Michael Jackson's old house, you musthave like really bad neighbors, is what I but people got to like seethe night right, I guess some like tick talker like next oh no,God, that would be I would hate that. No, mansion would bebig enough. He like lives next door to like Jake Paul. Well,the article is saying talking about, you know, building your brand. Thatwhat was maybe driving people away was that the gate has a giant twenty threeon it being, you know, Michael Jordan's number, and it's like thethe realtor whoever whoever they were quoting. I got it. Remember his name. I'm sorry, sir, but he was like the state manager. Yeah, just a state manager. was like. People are gonna have to do alot of work to make it their own. And it's obvious Michael Jordanlived home like there's probably like little like Chicago bull like emblems like everywhere andlike and I'm sure like it's not even like the House number is like twentythree whatever drive you know, like twenty three probably has nothing to do withthe property. You could probably turn the twenty three intil like something cool,I don't know, like name your twenty three. Could buy it up.Yes, offices exactly. I mean it does have a full basketball court inthere too, like that's good. I'm gonna say if it's something where likethey took out the kitchen and put in like a full basketball court, youknow, but are also a lot of very wealthy basketball fans. I'm surprisednobody has you know, the price. After that long, it should likereally go down. Yeah, it's it. I've lived. Is Fourteen and ahalf million. Does it half of its initial asking price? I know, shoot, I know. Looks Up. Let's get this podcast rolling. Willwe'll go have these on it right, sponsorshit money, the real estate agent, sponsor your next step some day, one day to you can reach ouraudience. Hey, we can do I have a brilliant idea. Wecould do five, one, two and then turn the three into a beeand make the the rest like put brood behind it. Yeah, Fifty One, twenty three, rude. That could be the street name. It's address. Okay's happening. Thank you for the Cyad the I tune to it.I think it's sparked some amazing ideas. Can we tell your next episode whereyou talk about US buying this house, like as a name story? Oh, absolutely, yeah, will be. Will have a live, live callin from the SGAR room. Yeah, thank you. I grew up inChicago, so it'll just I can stay with my parents. COME PAPA WAITSIN CHICAGO. Yes, it's in Chicago. I'm sorry, yeah, I'm out. Should clarid. It's like, what are they're like nine months outof the year. That's the best part. That's so where. You Know Howpeople complain about it being summer here for I know it is not thebest part. I will, I will vouch for this. No, butit's not cold. It's like three foot is snow at the end of March. That sounds amazing. Oh, and it's cold. It's still cold.Yes, all right, I write. I feel like I should look atthe Chicago weather right now. Is probably like thirty four degrees or some homeman, it is those winners. I do not miss those winners at all. It's just like you're out for ten minutes and you get frost by it. It's great. How long do you live in Chicago or that area for? I grew up. They're so through high school, so like eighteen years. And again, eighteen winners were plenty. I feel like it's a lot.It's like people with straight hair always want curly hair and people with curlyhair always want straight hair. I feel like it's that with like people whogrew up, and for the most part people who grew up in Texas,are like, Oh, I want the snow, I want the coals,and then people who grew up in the north, they are like no,I want I'd rather have a hundred and fifteen degrees every single day. Yeah, yeah, but the thing with the snow is like a lot of peopledon't realize this, who don't grow up in areas of snow. A lotis like it's only pretty, like when it snowing, or like yeah,that even blacks, yeah, or like iced over, like mounds of justhard eyes. This annoying because I don't...

...know, I grew up in Virginia, so we had winters, but it wasn't anything like Chicago winters. Andyou know, once this snow just a little bit like nobody would drive andI don't understand how any by a drives in the snow. So I couldn'tdo anything. That's like hard winter. I've really never had that. Yeah, I don't know how people drive in the snow either, and I havedone it many times and they're definitely been times where I I remember coming homefrom I was picking up take out. Shout out to Peter in in SchokIllinois, great place, like four blocks from my parents house, and Iwas driving and to get there it's like one turn and then I just rolledon the side of the street. Got It was coming back. was makingthis turn to come back. The car just kept going straight and I waslike all right, this, this is where I need to be turning hereand then I was up onto the curb for a second. I'm like Nope, that's not good and eventually got sorted out. But yeah, you showinglike soup. I was gonna say we going super slow too. Yeah,it was like less than ten miles are yeah, and it was just start. It's like normally when you do something in a car, you expect thecar to react to what you're doing. You know, you turn the wheelthat yeah, it turns. Not so with snow. No, just doesn'tsound thing. You turn it it's like slow motion drifting when you're like turningcurves, and you better hope that you're going downhill all the way. Godforb you have to go up hill. But Oh, that's the little thenext pass in the serious slow snow and a small two wheeled drag car.Any now, you can fix it all. I think anybody, he's listening rightnow, who like lives in the north, is like, Oh,you just need snow chains. But like you literally like put chains on yourtire and it's like no big deal. Yes, so, we know,we know, but an automotive technology, it's wild. Right. That's whatthis podcast is about now. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, that's everysix minutes. We change the theme, like you, just reaching new audiences, like all audiences, exactly, capturing short attention spans. Put those tagson your show like TV, like car freaks and Gigs Chicago. Yeah,Michael Jordan, yes, Basketball Sports Jordan's going to get us a shout outon the next the last dance documentary. Hey, if his house gets builtor our bought. After this podcast, I feel like it's kind of youknow? Well, we'll get a commission. Yeah, sure, yeah, well, at least like recorded episode there. Yeah, I think that's fine.He's got a cigar room which probably just smells terrible, probably does it. Probably the stories you'd here and there. I'm sure it would be well worthit. I think there's like a movie theater in there too, andI'm sure he's got a really cool pool. I don't know if people in Chicagohave pools. Yes, there was an infinity pool and there with likea thing of grass kind of walking out into it, like instead of astaircase down, it was like a little island of grass, which, oh, that's cool. Yeah, seemed like a maintenance nightmare, but fun.I mean, when you're a multi mollionaire, Pegelin are like snow baby sture.If you've got nineteen bathrooms in your house, you're probably not worried aboutany mating nights. Goods, I couldn't even nineteen. It's like which oneam I use right now? I'll take the scenic route today. Right,I haven't been at this one in the far side of the house and likeeight months. Oh Gosh, lifestyle, what wonderful lifestyle. And to takeanother quick little left turn, but also kind of getting back to beer,at least in some were guard. Maybe this is again just an Austin thing, but I always like the artwork that are on cans of craft beer.So what are some of your favorites, or do you have any? Orare you just like the Planer? The can the better? I'll say,like, I don't know, I really appreciate the like cans that look likeartwork, but I do I love branding and I love when like awesome beerworks are cans are so simple and graphic and bold, but you can recognizetheir branding if they took away the A and like even like the beer style, like you just see the image, you know. So I really appreciatethat. But yeah, I think it bows one of that I know ThatchBrewed House has a lot of really cool can art and they do that.The Art comes from their their workers, like their employees submit artwork for theBeers or, you know, they might create a beer for the artwork.So yeah, I mean awesome brewers have definitely stepped it up in the lastlike year. So I feel like with the artwork on cans, and Ihate to say it, but it does I really do think it helps sellbeers because, oh, absolutely, yeah, who are some of your favorite?MELLION, Mellie, like it's really I you know, not to pickyou back off of you, but I think I have to. I definitelyI love when Brewery's like Austin Beer works...

...and like circle brewing. They're they'recan art is very simple, but you can definitely tell that it's circle nomatter where you go. So I do like when brands, you know,have adis the design, they stick to it and you know, just kindof have like a little variable sprinkled throughout. But if I'm looking for, youknow, a new beer and I'm at the grocery store, the gasstation or something, I hate to say it, I definitely go for likethe eyecatching cans. Yeah, definitely. I mean it's just it can bevery overwhelming looking at it's just like going to the bookstore, the library.Yeah, and you know, at least luckily I can look or we canlook at the beer can't art and be like Oh, that's a style Ialso like. So let's definitely do that. And that's from a city. Iwent to you once and I had a great time there's so yeah,I don't know, it's a little bit more than looks, but it definitelypulls your eyes into have in like what could be an interesting can design isso different. Like some summaries get really artistic with it, and summer justlike little graphic, like, I don't know, cool little design made inillustrator. You know, that's just like a repetitive like yeah, gray waveand then like slap the logo on it and then call it good, whichis it is fine too. Yeah, so it is really subjective. Whatit make what makes you go for a beer the grocery store? Joey,Huh, I don't know if I have anything that wasn't what you just saidthat I do. I'm definitely my eyes are drawn to ones with like wackierartwork, I think. But yeah, I would say like carbock brewing doesa very good job of catching my eye. And there's are essentially just like totonesquares like repeated around the cans. Yeah, so like goal you can, you can certainly make it work you their way. I like blew allthe lot as well, which they have the logo and they're kind of playingwith like the top in the bottom of the cans. But I don't thinkthis is an actual brewery, but I'm thinking like if there was a kangaroolike in a giant boot soaring across Austin, like that would be that would catchmy eye, and I know I'm very like, yes, that wasbut love going to Hv and just mixing and matching. Yes, yes,any I mean ith you be's the best. But and yeah, we can,we can give proper shouts to any store that, let's see mix andmatch beers. But it h be just grabbing. I like. I specificallywill go for breweries that I have never tried before and in some cases I'veever even heard of. And to give just a second plug to parks andwrecked. It's always fun to feature new drinks every episode, and so we, like, I've certainly enhanced, expanded, expanded. That's right where it expandedmy time, my Palette. For sure like doing that show just becauseI'm like, well, I don't want to say like I'm drinking the samething and multiple episodes, I need to try something new. That's that's that'sso gross. I know, like why did you? You've liked something,why would you drink it again? So Damn No, I haven't as anass so because I think we struggle with this lot, and I be withmy instagram, but I go to the beer store and I think I reallyrestrict myself to like aust the Austin section, and like Kno, can look atthe the national craft beer brands, you know, and it's just likekind of got to think outside of awesome sometimes, and it's nice to supportthe local breweries, but there's some really good stuff being brewed, even anotherpress of Texas. So yeah, there's a lot of awesome. But goahead, Molly. Well, I was just going to say I agree withyou and like I definitely right now. If you looked at my beer collection, like ninety nine percent of it as Austin Beer, which is great,but I feel like a lot of the Times too, when you go tothe grocery store and like you're looking outside of the awesome section, you don'tsee it's very rare to like come upon a like an small craft brewery that'sdistributing to Texas, which is also like yes, I love some of thebigger breweries, but at the same time form going to go spend my money. I feel like I always kind of want to you know part of Mews, like I have to support my most small breweries. Yeah, yeah,exactly. Yeah, yeah, and that segways again, very nice. I'mall about the segways on the show, as you have probably noticed, whichis great. We're flowing really good, though. Keep this up, willbe on for like another few hours and we'll have watched all the freaks andgigs by the end of it. Yes, that's a plan all along. Nice, drink me. You'll be thank I guess, by the IT's fine. One of the things I like to do on this podcast is ask aquestion that you wish you were asked more often, and I very much enjoyedyours. If when you're not drinking beer, what do you drink, King I, do you want to go first? Melonie, can I answer for Kaitlinbecause I feel like I know what she's you answer? Yeah, ifyou leave out yeah, okay, Kaitlyn... probably drinking a Roman coke witha splash a lime. That's me, or any drink with rum, whichkind of falls into like tiky cocktails. Yet cocktails then get a little complicated, though I don't really make them too much at home, but if Isee him at the menu, on like on a menu at a restaurant.And then, if it's not alcoholic, I love Red Bulls and ice coffeeswith some half and half. I can feel my bones like revolting just hereright. I think. A lot of water too, though. That's good, bounce that it erases everything. Actually, it's a melany Um. I don'teven. I feel bad because I don't. I couldn't even begin toguess what your favorite is. It is it? Is it Tequila? No, no, no, that's what you don't Tequila makes me feisty. Ican't to kill us for special occasions. No, I usually I'm a whiskeygirl, so I if I see a cocktail with Whiskey, u should gofor it. If not, an old fashioned is usually my my go todrink, and if it's non alcoholic, I really like Tope zero. Iknow that's like kind of basic, but I do like the taste of it. I'll say too honestly, like when I drink a lot of beer andI get a little bit tired of beer, I will go for CIDER. Theywant something pussy like that, I could just pick up in unfortunately,like mellie's, not a fan of CIDER at all. Hey, working onme. I'm working on yeah, I also like I've kind of hopped onthe salt by in a wagon. Yeah, yeah, I'm so waiting. Doesthat mean you've been having white cloths? No. Well, yes, Iknow. It's like if we got to barn and that's all the onlysalt they have. You know, the for White Cloud. But I kindof like, I feel like there's so many on the market now. Ikind of just like trying them all. A lot of breweries, a lotof breweries or making them now, yes, like even locally, like St Elmo'sOscar Folker brewing just released on that. I really want to go pick up. I'll shoot. That reminds me. I was supposed to go pick upbeer from so good today. I forgot. They probably drink it.You know how they are. They actually told me they did. I'm inthere and how to beer with them too. Sorry, you guys are killing me. We texted you. You just didn't answer that, typical meloney.Typically. Well, you just I think you just named three breweries while youwere answering that question. But for the tough three. What are your topthree brewers that you recommend people check out once it's okay to get back outin the world again. You going to go many? Yeah, should I? Should I say three? Or do we want to do like one,one, and then Caitlyn and I come up with one? Why don't youthree? I think they might be different. Okay, okay, I always myfirst go too, is always nomadic beer works. I think the everythingabout them is awesome. The owners are awesome, the top rooms awesome andeverything that they've brewed is delicious. So nomadic. Do we have to isit just Austin Beer Asson Breweries? No, do do wherever. If favorite breweries. Um, second I really like Vista brewing out in the dripping springsarea. I think they are phenomenal. They're they're dark skies is one ofmy favorite beers. And then, last but not least, I'm going tohave to go with a Miami brewery that I wish I could go to everysingle day. It's called the vasis or and it's a Latin inspired brewery andso they do a lot of sours and like Juicy Fruity Beers with a lotof Latin fruits that I just think are phenomenal. I wish we had somethingsimilar. I know there's a lot of breweries the kind of player on withthat here in Austin, but none that are like specifically just that. Iwill say you should, if you like that, go to easeless, street, brilliant and San Antonio. They're like Latino. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I've been. All their beers are like based off of liketraditional like Latino snacks and food, and like they have like a gut,a Consta, like staut and, oh my gosh, I'm gonna but shawthe names. I'm just not going to say it. But like they're likethe superest cool dudes, you know. Yes, yes, it's a coolbrewery. Yeah, a lot. What about you, Katelo? Okay,so me it asked this question a lot and, like typically all like askpeople what kind of beers you like and where you staying in town, becausewe're gonna say it has public transportation, release this car to get around.But still, with that being said,... matter what they say, Itend to like say these three breweries. I always love saying Lazarus because Ithink they have great tacos. It's really cool place to go like in themiddle of the day, even on a weekday, they've got Great Beers,English style, Belgium styles. One of my favorite beers and awesome they have. It's it's like a Golden Ale that was brewed with coffee and it kindof it's like a yellow beer, you know. So it's really light butit like taste like coffee and it reminds me of a nice coffee actually.But Um, yeah, so that's a great places right off six street lastersbrewing. It was started by like two guys who were pastors or something.They've got a really cool like organ story. Another Brey that I love is pinehousepizza. HMM. Rem In this to every single person who comes here, whether they're asking about beer or not, because controversial opinion, but they havethe best pizza in Austin and they've got three locations. They're working ontwo more. So like they've got locations all over town. They're electric.Jellyfish hazy IPA is one of the most well known staple, yeah, andone of the most crave I don't know create but like sought after beers andall of Texas. They're really cool and it's just they're really cool brewery andwhen we first knew D Austin we live right down the block from their northlocation and so we were there probably a couple times a week and the finally, this brewery was started by two alums of my favorite brewery, one ofmy favorite Brewis awesome beer works, but St Elmo's or St Elmo down south. I love recommend people that because there's Alsto like in the same little strip. There's like a whiskey distillery, a winery, a coffee shop, yes, and one of the best food trucks and Austin Sursop is right there andthey come out with new beers every Friday. It's a great place with Gid Music, entertainment and yeah, it's a bunch of like you're going to yougo there, and I say this lot, but like you look at their beermenu and it's all over the place, like yes, really, well done, beers for everyone, and they have a seltzer too. But so, yeah, there's when my top three Lazarus, pinehouse and St Elmo,fantastic. I'm with you. That Punt House is the best pizza in Austin. Don't it's great and you know, let do it. Do it.I haven't got me. Yeah, I want to find you. So I'mfine about it. We we will get into fisticuffs over pizza. I'll sendyou some pizza rolls and then we'll see what she said. Yeah, yeah, in that case, I hate pinehouse. I also they one time I waswith a friend and they have double happy hours, so they have oneat like a normal happy our time than nighttime happy hour, and I waswith a friend for the nighttime happy hour and we were sitting near a ventso we could smell into the kitchen and we like, you know, thatsmells real good, like maybe we should go order something. And we wentand it was like two minutes after the kitchen had closed when we finally gotup to order, and so we're like, oh, so there's no food,and then they gave us a token for a free pizza the next timewe came and I was just like that's fantastic, that's like you didn't needto do that. It's so cool. Yeah, yeah, those vents aredefinitely like strategically placed too. Oh, absolutely, it's all part of theesthetic. Yes, it's all part of the marketing. Feel like Hey,I know you're just here for beer, but you want to sell this deliciouspizza. Yeah, we do. Pinehouse used to be a staple of mybirthday celebrations when I lived by the South Location Southamore, where it would bea pint house. And then Blazer Tag, which happened a couple years in arow, and reminding the twelve, it was fantastic. Yes, Oh, it's like Blazer Tag A. I still have not found out why,why it's Blazer. It's just laser tag. I don't know what you guys werewearing blazers right. Well, that's that's just my daily attire. Yeah, just always a blazer birthday shirt underneath. That said, it's my birthday.Oh my Gosh, is it? Elegant man? Right there. Sothat's what I'm going for. That was almost the name of this podcast,elegant man. Yeah, man, I like it. I like it soundslike a horse name or something. All Right, I'M gonna add that tomy list of a racing horse names. I'd like that. You also alreadyhave a list of racing horse names. That, that and Ska bands excellent, which a lot could be overlapped, like a lot of a lot ofracing scob band's very true, yes, but like a Bein Diagram, Ilook for it that'll be the header for this immage, this episode. Diagram. Oh, police, have no idea. Yeah, on that note, ifyou want to get in touch with...

...the show, or if they wantto, I offer up more Ska band names, or we get at meloneto watch some other shows. How can they get in touch with you?So right now we the easiest would be since a message on instagram. We'reon instagram at five one, two Brood. We're also on facebook and twitter atthe same handle. Or you can tune in every we've really seen newepisode every Friday and it's at five. Win To you. Breed podcastcom yeah, and I might, and I have my own blog. If you're reallyin the craft beer and traveling, come check me out. I'm big world, small girl. Can you find me on old social and the Internet atthat. So, yeah, and I have. If you're looking for someAustin dog content, my instagram is at great golden weeny. So I agreat day in the Golden Retriever in a dogs and mix and my blog isthree dogs, one bar because I wasn't going to be. My blog greatgolds and we needs and they've seen that. When she says that, cause I'mlike you should done it. That's still traffic, like, not thekind of disappointed traffic, but exactly. I don't think I get the rightkind of rating. But even if, even if you don't have a dog, you should go follow melony. Right now. I feel like whenever Isee your photos pop up of my feet, it is such a nice relief andI don't know, I think they call it eye bleach or whatever,but nice little things seeing like doggies pop up in the feed when there's somuch craziness online. So yeah, if if they don't own dogs, likeit's still a great account of follow. We do share a lot of broadtopics, but thank you. Yeah, I mean, and then in aday, still topics behind a heat little photo of a dog. Awesome.Well, Caitlyn and Melanie, thank you so much for having on the podcast. This was great. This was thank you so much for having us andit was good catching out with you. I know it's been a while.Hopefully things go back to normal we can keep on hanging out in restaurants andbars and stuff soon. Yes, I like this plan and of course wewill end with our corny joke. I have one that's got a kangaroo involvedin it, since I'm my favorite art with that doesn't exist yet. I'lltell too and we'll see which one. Okay, which one gets a betterreaction? Ok, have some. A kangaroo walks into a bar and ordersa beer. Bartender says that'll be ten dollars. You know, we don'tget that many kangaroos coming in here. The kangaroo goes at ten dollars abeer. That's not hard to understand. But like, so Kangaroos are justnot down to pay ten dollars a beer. Yeah, he's saying like, oh, it's weird seeing a kangaroo, whereas the kid is weird to takepaid to not. Yeah, the kangaroo is just like okay, okay.Then the other one is it's so funny. No, that was so good.It was great. It was great. It's great. It's so good Ican't wait. I'm telling that one next party. Yes, remind meto send me the like transfer. I know I feel like the drinking jokesare like less funny than there's so many other good ones, but these onesare all just like like walk into a bar type ones, like definitely makea formuma. But yeah, I don't know. The old. Also,I there are some that I'm like, I know I've heard and or toldmyself and I don't know if I've said them on the podcast. So it'slike do I, we do. I also liked this. This isn't evenreally a joke, but what do you call a balanced diet? What abeer in each hand? Yeah, yeah, yeah, the winner. I lovethat one. No, okay, I say you should go ahead keepon like easing jokes. If anybody catches you re using a joke, belike, I buy you a beer something or waiting. We can I tella joke? Absolutely. Yes, okay. You just had jokes that you likepull off the top is. That is I think people have like jokesthat you just pull off the top of the head. I have one.Okay, if my goat too, okay. Why does a Du why does aduck wear feathers? I don't know. A bird to cover up with butt. Quack. Are you eating laughy Caffy's right now? That is likelaughy caffy jokes. I love it. Is My goat too, Joe,I love I love it.

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