From the Vault: Cartooning and Brand Building with Dave MacDonald


Dave MacDonald from Crafted1K joins the podcast to talk all things cartooning. He shares how he developed a love of comics and doodling at a young age, how accidentally stumbling into a sales career led to his current business, and why every brand should tap into the "humor effect."

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Episode 37 · 4 months ago

Improving Physical Therapy and Athlete Training with Excy Founder Michele Mehl

Excy founder Michele Mehl talks about the inspiration behind her product, how it's helped people recover during physical therapy, and shows off her gold medal.

Episode 36 · 4 months ago

Picture Perfect with Sew Stratton

Erin is the face (and lens) behind Sew Stratton, an Austin-based photographer, fashion lover, volunteer, and occasional influencer — even though she's not fond of that term. She joins the podcast to chat about photography, how she started making jewelry, and her new mentorship program.

Episode 35 · 4 months ago

Growing a Fanbase and Becoming the King of Drip with CEO Chino Marley

Atlanta-based rapper CEO Chino Marley is on a constant grind, working on his craft and growing his fanbase. We're talking about his newest music videos "High" and "Active" — two songs with distinctly different vibes and feels. But through it all, Chino stays true to himself and his ability to tell stories. We also chat his new album, the power of the Internet in promoting music, and some upcoming technology he's excited about. 

Episode 34 · 5 months ago

Overcoming Grief and Ditching the Bucket List with Ashley Bugge

Ashley Bugge is a young military widow/solo mom of three, explorer, and award-winning author who was forced to rebuild her life after her husband tragically died in a recreational scuba diving accident. We chat about her story, why bucket lists are overrated, and discuss some of the finest karaoke choices.