From the Vault: Cartooning and Brand Building with Dave MacDonald


Dave MacDonald from Crafted1K joins the podcast to talk all things cartooning. He shares how he developed a love of comics and doodling at a young age, how accidentally stumbling into a sales career led to his current business, and why every brand should tap into the "humor effect."

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Episode 29 · 6 months ago

Traveling on a Budget and Virtual Fashion Tips with Lindsay Myers

Get Lost with Lindsay founder Lindsay Myers joins the podcast to get her best tips for traveling on a budget, how to have a great date night at home, and why you should step up your virtual fashion game.

Episode 28 · 6 months ago

Supporting Women Founders with Lizanne Falsetto

Women should support other women, especially in business—so why do so few of them do that?

Lizanne Falsetto, founder of thinkThin wellness brand and Pink Talented Angels, joins the podcast to chat about her network of women founders, challenges of running a business, and why walks can be a super productive part of your day.

Episode 27 · 6 months ago

Courage and Problem Solving with Christine Perakis

Christine Perakis has lived through not one, but TWO hurricanes (in the span of two weeks, no less!) and it led to her writing her book The Resilient Leader: Life Changing Strategies to Overcome Today’s Turmoil and Tomorrow’s Uncertainty. She works with businesses to help them turbo-charge their growth and reach new levels of success, and shares her story on the podcast.

Episode 26 · 6 months ago

What's Your Story? with Sarah Elkins

Sarah Elkins joins the podcast to chat about her book, Your Stories Don't Define You: How You Tell Them Will. She shares the power of storytelling, how her life experiences has shaped what she's doing now, and her favorite small world connections.