Good People, Cool Things
Good People, Cool Things

Episode 133 · 4 months ago

133: Nerdy Education Concepts Made Simple with Alyssa Blask Campbell


Education is hard work, y'all. And creating environments where kids can excel takes a whole village. As a child, I listened to Dave Clark Five while doing homework. It worked for me, but another child might find that repulsive. "A band named after the drummer?!" they'd scoff. So, we need to start being more emotionally intelligent with the youths. 

Alyssa Blask Campbell created Seed & Sew to give educators and parents an assist with emotional intelligence. She offers tools for regulation and connection so children can thrive and build resilience. Perhaps the most important part, Alyssa is doing all this in an APPROACHABLE way. She's not trying to scare you off with big words — though she does enjoy a good fancy vocab term — she's simply making it easier to connect in a time when that's often a tough ask. 

We're chatting about Collaborative Emotion Processing, how to interact with kids without sounding like you're reading from a script, and why having shitty first drafts is important.

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