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Episode 83 · 1 year ago

83: Lookin' Good: From Modeling to Running a Business with Ekin Ozlen


Ekin Ozlen may not have figured out how to do everything at once, but she’s come pretty darn close. She turned a successful modeling career into her own business and is now the founder of KERACELL, the hair and skincare brand beloved by all kinds of celebrity clients.

Ekin has also released several music videos (including last fall’s “Where You At”) that highlight her brand. Oh, and on top of all of that, she’s currently pregnant.

No matter what life throws her way, Ekin has taken it in stride — and in many cases, used it as an opportunity to grow. We’re talking all about her business, why she insists on a personal touch, and some of her favorite (read: most magnificently horrifying) modeling gigs. 

Good people cool things as a podcast future and conversations with entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and other creatives. Get inspired by their stories to do your own cool thing, and here's your host, Joey held. Welcome to get people cool things. Today's guest is Kno'SLN, the founder of Carousel, which is an innovative technology that uses human stem cells combined with CBD and select products all into one product to make your skin hair and we're all self just feel better look more radiant, which is full something I can certainly use. A can is also a longtime model, a musician, having a baby in a few months. There's a lot going on in her will. So she's talking all about how to juggle all of those things. If you've got a side hustle that you're trying to get started or working on your like, I don't know I can balance all this with work. Maybe I got four kids. Maybe you're like me. You've got two dogs outside the door that are like climbed to get in and I'm like, Naugh am, this isn't where dogs are, because we're trying to keep it without dog hair in this room. You might have all of that going on, and so I can gives lots of great advice on how to juggle all of that, how to power through as an entrepreneur, most surprising moments of her business, what surprises her about running a business, her worst modeling GIG, which it's a good one. So all of that's getting in here. It's lots of good stuff and I know you're going to enjoy it. You like to get in touch with the show, you can reach out Joey at good people, cool thingscom. You can also follow the show on facebook, twitter or Instagram at GPCT podcast. You can also support the show by either going over to apple podcast and drop in a fancy five star review or hitting up the shop which you can find on good people, cool thingscom. Get real stylish while you're looking real stylish as you're listening to this conversation with Akin. For people who don't know who you are, can you give us your elevator pitch, but can you also tell us the type of elevator that we're riding on? Oh my God, I don't think I realized that there were different types of elevators, but I can give you. How about like a location? God, I don't know, like the Empire State Building for some reasons, pops in my brain, but I'm obviously a New Yorker. So yeah, I would say that I am a former model. I was signed with for Model Agency in New York for many, many, many years, and I am an artist and a businessperson. I own a luxury cosmaceutical brand called Carousel, and we have all human stem cell extract based skin care and hair care products. Is that something that you always knew you wanted to get into? Like, how did you go from modeling to starting a company like that? Yeah, I know it sounds like they're just two completely different spectrums, but to be honest with you, there was so much overlap because I was so deeply entrenched in the beauty aim and in the beauty industry. I was also married to a plastic surgeon, so I was shadowing him surgeries. You know, I was really I actually wanted... go to medical school. I was really into postoperative procedure, you know, lessening downtime and accelerating the healing process, and that's really how carousel came about. You know, it's topical products that do just that. So, but being in New York, I think you know, I live in La now, but being in New York. You're kind of no disrespect to la, but you're really you really among the best of the best there, you know. And what is that Jay z sound like? If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. It's there's really some truth to that, and what I mean by that is it's highly saturated. You know, everybody becomes specialists in their fields to basically separate themselves and to survive. So you're really dealing with the best of the best in that regard. When it comes specifically to beauty, I'm speaking just on the beauty industry. The best skincare as, Titians, the best nail artists, the best hair stylists, the best hair colorist, you know, the best plastic surgeons, dermatologists, all of that. So I really threw myself into that world because the only way to really separate yourself as a career model, the way that I was going out for auditions every day, is really to be better than the girl before you, and that's you know, every day you're going out on a job interview and you're trying to make money to survive, and that concrete jungle and it's expensive to live there and it's a hard life, so it becomes very competitive. And the thing that really separated the models were our hair and our skin and the the perfection of it without the inclusion of makeup. So really just walking into a casting being a blank canvas, which I was never that great at. I still I'm a beauty junkie, with every every ounce of the words. I mean, I since I was a little girl. You know, I've just been I was doing French manicures on my own nails when I was like eight years old, you know, painting white tips. I mean, I've been I'm a perfectionist, I think, just by nature. And so to to actually learn all this and to be able to perfect my skin so that I didn't have to wear so much makeup and appear to be more naturally, naturally the way that the art directors wanted, do you know? That's that's really the game. And so taking what you've learned and building it into your own company. I always love chatting with entrepreneurs about the early days, the things that we don't get to see, because I assume that you think your product is very good now, but I don't know. Did it start out like that, where I or was there like a lot of trial and error to get to where it was today. So I cannot take the credit for the formulation of the products. I have to call out my stepmother. She's a cosmetic chemist and she's amazing. She's worked with the biggest and the best and when I moved to La she actually was formulating for other companies at that time and and then her and I teamed up and Carousel was brought to life. So really it's her specialty. I run the..., I handle the marketing, you know, I'm the spokesperson for the brand and all of that, but the formulas I only give critique. She is the she has birthed the formulas and they are so clean and they are so results driven. I just can't drive home enough how results driven this product line is, and that's what I love about it. You know, I was a girl that spent so much money, the thousands upon thousands and thousands of dollar. I think I spent all the money that I made as a model back into just trying to stay that way, you know, trying to keep my skin and hair good, and it's like you pour it right back in. And so I think so many products under delivered and they never did what they said they were going to do and they were packed with pearabins and soul fates and thalats and all these things that you know now. Now people, consumers are so educated, and I love the Internet for that reason. You know, people are really, really mindful about what they're putting on their skin. It's so important. It's just as important as what you eat. Yeah, it's so he's amazing to look at. Like for my parents, Erah, just what kind of the practical advice was for for eating and skinned care and things like that, and I'm just like who today, I'm glad we know more. Actually, have to just mention one thing that's really funny. When I was little, I grew up in Cocoa Beach Florida, Super Sunny, hot all the time. Everybody wanted to be Brown, you know. That was hiding all your flaws. If you had acne or cellulight, whatever it was, you got a Tan. It would make you go away. So basically, my mom tells me to mix baby oil and I a dine and so I'm like twelve years old, I have zits on mad about these zits on my face, you know, and she brought me to the dermatologist. He's told me just to use dove soap and retina, you know. So my whole face peels off and it's like I'm scorched for baby oil and I dine. I mean God, when you talk about like where we come from as a beauty industry and where we are now, now we're applying topically applied human stem cell extract, for God's sake. So you know, it's like, look at where we've graduated too. It's pretty amazing. It's wild. Now you mentioned that you're on the business side of things and you're kind of running the business. You're doing the marketing and all that. What something that's surprised you about running a business? Oh my God, the complexity is. It's so cliche. You hear people all the time saying, like, being a businessperson, it's so difficult, or Oh, it's a man's world, and being a woman in a, you know, in a male dominated industry, because as much as beauty is beauty and you think that it's all women, these companies are all controlled by men's still so it's every day you're waking up and as a woman, you're coming up against that. You know, and it's real. It's a real thing and it's really you know, because people look at me and it's like, oh, she was a model. You know, they don't really take me serious as a businessperson and I'm a female and I look young, which I'm not. It's just because I use great skin care ees. But you know, it's like coming up...

...against all that, I think, every day. That's definitely something that that's worth mentioning and I think just the challenges and the to bring it to an optimistic point of view, you know, overcoming those challenges in the pride you feel afterwards. I think that that that it's not that it surprised me, but I feed on that and I love that part of it. You know. That's that's what keeps you going and keeps you proud of what you're doing, you know, and for me, I love helping people. I have all this knowledge about how to make things better, you know, visually for people and which makes them feel better on the inside. So I love sharing that and that just makes me feel so good. Do you have an example of one of those moments of overcoming a challenge like that, because I think that is a very common where it's like people aren't taking me seriously. I you know, I feel out of place here with how many men I'm surrounded by. So well, it happens like every day. I mean like yesterday I was in conference call with a bunch of major retail buyers and, you know, they were almost it was men and and I had my consulting firm also on the tall with me, and thank God that I did, because they really jumped in and they said Hey, hey, you're disrespecting my client, I don't like your tone, I don't like the way that you're speaking. Allow her to finish, you know, and I was like God, thank you, but it's a shame that I have to pay a firm to be there to back me up in situations like that. You know, it's a shame that that's a thing that you can kind to get ran over as a female when it comes to these conference calls. You know, people speak over you, they don't allow you to finish. So I just bulldoze my way through you, usually because I'm a New Yorker and that's what we do. You know. Luckily, I've been brought up like on the survivor and I'm I rise to every challenge, but it's still it's something that you don't ignore as a female and in in a business world. Absolutely, I think. I think honestly, being in New Yorker really does help in that sense, where it's just like hey, I can, I can do this, like I've like again, we're going back to Jay z. If you can make it here, you make it anyway. Yeah, and it's like that a lot of times. I sit I say to myself, like this is not going to last forever. Whatever is going on right now businesswise that's challenging me. This is temporary and I'm going to get through this, you know. And this the other thing I say to myself is this is not the worst thing I've ever dealt with. You know that? That's such a poignant thing because it puts it into perspective right away, because it's like, well, I dealt with step way harder than this, like really hard life lessons, like people dying of illnesses that you love, like putting it really into perspective like that, and then I just go okay, you know what, I got this and that. That's probably the number one thing that I say to myself almost on a daily basis. Yeah, I've also should make a correction. I think Frank Sinatra probably did the if I can't make it here, I can make it anywhere, so I will give will give him the shout out. Jay's also reinforcing it for for us younger listeners on that spectrum.

Now I want to go back to your New York miss here, because one of my favorite TV shows is in practical jokers because, a, they have no fear. They're just going out doing all this shenanigans. I don't know if you're familiar with the show or not, but they're basically just doing a bunch of silly stuff out in public. Yes, and the general reaction to it by they film in New York primarily, and the general reaction, I feel like to a lot of the people they come across it's just indifference because it's like this is New York, like there's just weird things going on all the time. So as a New Yorker, I know you're not living there currently, but plenty of experience in New York. So what's the weirdest thing that you've seen in New York? Oh my God, I mean I lived there for thirteen years, so I saw some really crazy stuff, you know, but but I'll be honest with you, none of it's as crazy as what I'm seeing around La Right now. I mean even on the street that I live on, it's like it's gotten really there's a lot of insanity going on right and, quite frankly, it does it doesn't even compare my days in New York. I mean, but I remember, you know people. I remember being on the phone and like a little mini market one time and talking to my friend and like a lady screaming at me at the top of her lungs because I was on the phone in the grocery store. It's like you know people and you just go out. My God, really, go back home. If you can deal with people on the phone, you shouldn't be out of your house. I don't know what to tell you, but it's people are just you know, you gotta just keep it moving. Absolutely yeah, and that's I'm trying to think, because I've I lived in La for a couple of years and have been to New York as their amount, and that is there is some craziness. I mean there's definitely craziness in both. I'm trying to think. What's more, more spectacularly weird, but they have their own weirdness. It's fine. Lately it's gotten pretty around here. I mean just driving down sunset, you know, like I was driving my windows downstay and I was like I don't know if this is a good idea anymore. You know, it's like there's just you stopped at a light. And I mean just recently a woman started yelling at me on the corner of Santa Senta and son. Said I'm like coming home from my doctor's appointment, you know, and I'm just driving my card and I thought she was asking me for directions and she starts screaming out the window at me that I'm what's wrong in the world? Wow, and she's like at the very normal car. She's not a person of like she's look seems like a totally normal housewife or something, but as she just she went post on, she lost it and and the funny thing is I'm so stupid. I'm like, I'm sorry, what I terminated on? Can I help you? Did you need directions? And then she just like cut starts going crazy at me. So, Oh my God, I'm like this is crazy. But it's gotten to the point where I don't really ride with my windows down around anymore. It's crazy. Yeah, I think that's a fair thing to do and keep those windows up. I was just talking with someone. I one of my bucket...

...list items is to be listening to a song on the radio and someone else pulls up at the light and it is listening to the same song and we're both like jamming out, having a great time. But that's so it might not happen now because you got to keep your windows up all the time. It's rough, rough life out there. Now you're also, on top of being a business owner, a model, a musician as well. Yeah, I've dabbled in the music game a little bit. It's more like a passion project for me at this point, because I just I can't split myself into this many pieces. You know, I'm also pregnant right now with my first baby grass, like, thank you so much. I've been going through IVS, you know, throughout the entire pandemic, for over a year and we finally transferred an embryo and I got pregnant, thank God, but it was like, you know, I have my plate is so full. So music, unfortunately, it's kind of taking a backseat right now, but I dabble. You know, it's fun because I markt the brand through my music videos and that's they're always the star. I mean they're always in every video that I shoot. You see my product. So it's really cute and fun. What's a good way, because I think you do a nice job of kind of naturally getting in there, like it doesn't feel so much like it's an advertisement, like it's kind of more organically and they're so what's the key to doing that? Because I've seen plenty of either music videos or even just like photos from people where it's like, Oh, this is very obviously like just in your face. Yeah, I mean I have to give a shot out. So like the director in that regard, because they really I always make it a really big deal, you know, like I have license plates and I like cars a lot, so there's always cars in my music videos and we always put the license plate that says Ksell, like care cll, you know, on the cars. We had a roll, a White Rolls Royce and in my lenoch music video. So it's kind of cute because every music video is shot there's a different car, but with that ksell played on it. You know, so I think that people start getting it and they start putting the two together and I like it when it's kind of on the dl like that, when what you're saying it's slipped in. It's just so much cooler, you know, and and let's contrived. But in one of the videos, I think it's Leno J. actually I have this universal beauty oil. It's called liquid gold enriching, a Lixir, and it's very cool because we're out with my horses and we're in a Horse Barn and the stall and the song is called the Nunchem and I so it's all shot at night and it's just beautiful because you show like the male model with the product dripping down the space right here and you get to close up with the bottle really quick and of me kind of going like that to his face. So it's like, you know, it's artistic and it's it's so it's so fun to be able to use everything I've learned, you know, from a marketing perspective as a model. You know, I was just marketing myself as human being. Now I'm marketing product. So it's really not that much different. It's it's just changing the item. For me so it's fascinating. It's there a car that you haven't featured yet in a video that you need to get in a...

...future one. Well, I you know, my last music video that I did with Vader Durbez and Roxy Ferri and we had, I actually own a one thousand nine hundred and forty two Willie's Gee. That's all like U Essayed out. You know, it's very cool. It has the star in the hood and everything and it's all army green. So we actually used my own car, which one of my cars, and in the video was so fun because we were all hanging all over it, and then in the first video was more of like a fancy car, but I think next time, God, I don't know. I would like to do. You know, I'm a really big fan of like the super old sting rays. I think those are super hot cars, the super old ones, and I've always actually wanted to own one of those. So and I don't have many classic cars, but for some reason that car and black just like I love it. It's just there's something so sexy about it, you know. It's like it's masculine, but you could totally see a chick driving that car. Too, you know. Yeah, all right, we'll keep our eyes open then for a future video. That can parents in there. We'll have the kiss all license plate will be looking for. Yeah, for sure. Well, I always like to ask any kind of performer this, and I'll even let you choose which adventure you want to go. You can either do it as a musician or as a model, but I'd love to hear about the worst Gig that you've ever had. Oh my God, I've had so many bad let's see, I think the Po by far. I had the worst gigs as a model than then as a musician, I mean musician. It was always fun for me, you know, seeing performing there. I can never say that anything was ever bad. That was always just I was honored to be able to do that in the times, but I did and I certainly didn't do it enough. Like I feel like I'll circle back to that later in life. But as a model, I mean I can tell you I did a commercial for silk, soy milk, where I had to wear a cow costume on my body. And I mean just the things that you do as a model. It's insane, the things that you do that, the temperatures that you work in the weird positions that they put you in. It's like there is no end. And I was actually doing a podcast just a couple weeks ago and I said, you know, I don't understand why there's not a models union, like why is there SAG and Aftra? Okay, I'm say, I'm after a perfect but why is there not a union from models that protect us from this kind of abuse, labor abuse? You know, it's like, I can't believe know what's come up with that yet. Maybe that's a future projects for you then can I I had too many. That's what happening. It out there. I'm like, somebody else needs to do this, protect all the upandcoming girls. Like yeah, put it out into the universe and somebody will hear and then they'll react. You mentioned all these things that you've got on your plate and I think this past year and a half of the pandemic has introduced more people are opened up, more people to like being amenable to side hustles. Like before they might be like, you know,...

I can't do it, but now they don't have a commute, like they're maybe logging off work a little earlier so they've got some other projects that they might be playing around with, and if someone that has been balancing several things at once, what kind of advice do you have for someone that's maybe just getting into a second business or side hustle? Oh, I mean, just go for your passions, do what you love. I think that that's one thing, if I can say that I'm I'm good at, is following the trail of the things that make me feel good, make me feel alive. That, you know, that definitely give back to other people. I think that, like at this point in my life, I'm pregnant, I'm about to have a son. I start, I've started thinking a lot about, you know, what am I doing for the world? What is the purpose of my life here? What what? Not only am I going to leave my son, but what is my footprint here? What does that look like, and what was the point in my life? You know, it's like, I think that anything that you do, if you can give back to people. You know, for me it's been through Carousel that I've been able to do that. I've taken everything I learned as a model and I've been able to basically pour it into this business that helps other people feel good about themselves and that for me is just the greatest gift on earth. I mean that literally feeds my soul. So I think that for anyone that's that's picking up aside hustle, just do what you love and you'll be surprised at how successful you will become at it. Is there a side hustle that you mentioned, how you might circle back to music and puts more focus towards the later. Is there anything else? We are like I'd like to do that. Maybe now's not right, but the right time. But well, I think I keep into the real estate game a little bit more. I'm really into homes and construction and building and remodeling, like I love all that and I'm I'm actually just going to be meeting a builder today to help me execute some things in my own house. So it's like I love improving things and I'm I'm like a I'm thirsty for progress. So I think I would I would love to get into something like that at some point later on, you know, just for investment properties. I think that that's really fun. What kind of improvements do you have planned for the house? Well, I want to Redo my floors and, like you know, all new kitchen and I have my baby room. I'm six months away, which doesn't sound like a long time, but you can't believe have fast. It just moves and you know, when it comes to renovations, it can take many, many months. So I'm already kind of trying to get his room together and, you know, just get it so everything's ready and so when he enters the world it's like Mommy's totally settled, the house is straight. You know, it's like nesting. I think that's what every pregnant woman wants to do. It's it's nature right. Yes, yes, we're currently doing landscaping at the House here. So it's the same, same type of thing where it's like, Oh, it's nice to see it like progressing, but also it's it's kind of stressful while everything's going on. To it is it's stressful having a lot of people around your house right now. To I think just with the pandemic, you know, and I'm pregnant, like I get scared. I'm kind of living in my bubble right now because I couldn't get vaccinated because of my...

...ips thing, and so it's like I'm really, you know, living in a bubble, and so, as a pregnant person, you're like way more at risk, and so now it's like, okay, what do I do? This is getting a little bit crazy. I think I gotta go out and join the world again. I'm sure a lot of people must feel like this. Yeah, it's a wild and like out here in Austin and really in Texas, where everything one's back at stage five. So it's been sort of like almost a regression of like okay, I'll see people like walking and I'm like should should I cross the street? Like S I like, I know, like I'm vaccinated, they might be vaccinated. I don't want to like get but I'm sick or anything. So it's a very it's very interesting time to be out, for sure. Oh, I love Austin. I actually lived in Dallas for for a while. I hit a little stint in Dallas and I love Texas. I love living in Texas. Is such an awesome bigger is better, it's like, especially from New York. I went from New York to Dallas and then back to New York again and I was like Waw, you know, you're living standards. You give such a high quality of life in Texas. It's awesome. Yeah, New York's public transportation system certainly much better than anything in Texas. But yeah, just the size of any type of living situation. It's yeah, it's so much better. It text. Good. Done. Now question I also like to ask is a question that you wish you were asked more frequently. I we've kind of touched on it a little bit, but combining your beauty brand with your music ambition. So we see it in the music video. Do you have other plans to kind of combine those two worlds? Well, you know what's really interesting today? Actually today I'm so excited our commercial starts airing and yeah, so I'm super excited about that. And then then I shot an infommercial and so a lot of the aspects of my music are showcase just to put everything together and kind of build brand awareness for people on the brand. There's a lot of that in the infommercial and so we really shot it like a TV show. So it's almost like an entertainment TV show for thirty minutes long form advertising, but in in essence it's an informercial to sell the product. But I'm really excited about that. That's just about to air nationally, so that that's going to be fun. Do you have like the exact act time that a will air in ls you can like be ready at the TVA? Yes, yes, and that's we're like weeks away from the infomercial airing and then the commercial itself, which is a thirty second spot, will start airing today all over spectrum. So if you're in like La County or Orange County, yeah, it's going to be all over the place. So that's really fun. I'm excited about that. You know, it's like right now you really need to pivot as a brand owner and take the vulnerability away, you know, from being so much a major retail you know, like Dillard's and macy's. We do business with major retailers, but but it's very risky and we think you know that right now the opportunities really are through actual sales direct to...

...your brand on the Internet, you know. So that's I'm trying to just pivot a little bit to take the vulnerability away, because those months during the pandemic when the stores were all shut down, not to mention all the doctor's offices were in tons of plastic. Surgeon doctor's offices across the nation, everything was shut down, I mean it was really scary. So I knew then that and like many, many, many brands that sell online, but that we really need to focus in Blope owncom. Have you found a certain type of digital strategy has been more effective than others? You know, I can't really say that I've completely checked that box yet. Where we of course, advertise all over facebook and instagram and Google ads, you know, now we're doing we're hitting TV now, which I think because it might actually be better for us. It's really saturated, you know, everywhere else. So it's just about really finding, really dialing in to your demographic and really finding the way to do that, and so I think that we're honestly still in the process of that. We have a lot of people that really, really like, Die Hard, just love the brand, and I'm so grateful for that, because they've just word of mouth. I mean, we haven't done a lot of advertising for my brand. It's really been this year that this is started, you know, and I'm just so proud that there were so many clients that were so happy with the results that they told all their friends and family, you know, and then they came to us and then it's like that. It just keeps growing like that and that's the greatest compliment ever. So that that's been really fruitful. Do you have a favorite nice thing someone said about you? Oh my gosh, I mean, I'm always grateful for anything anyone says. I think that a lot of times when I go online and I read, like even in some of our Google reviews, what people have said about how they've spoken to me personally and I like took the time to teach them about how to take care of their hair and skin and then they ordered the products and they can't believe how their skin has cleared up or how their wrinkles have diminished or, you know, their hair has grown or their eyelashes. I mean that I love hearing that. I really truly love hearing that. I have like bribes that are about to get married that called me because they're suffering from hair loss from all the stress of planning a wedding. And this was pre covid and I remember a woman calling me and crying, you know, and it was just so upsetting to hear how devastated she was about her wedding pictures and what they were going to be like, potentially because of her hair loss. And I got in there as quickly as I could. I overnighted her product and and she had just a few months before her wedding and we sorted it out. I mean her hair grew back enough to hide the bald spots, you know. So it was really stuff like that. Is like it's like food for my soul. Honestly, that's why you do this, you know. Yeah, it's super cool. All right, I can they're almost off the hook here, but we've got one last question for you and it's I was like to wrap up with the top three, and I'm going to be real honest, yours is maybe a little bit of a stretch, especially for an audio podcast, but you mentioned some of the types of poses that you've had to do as a model. So if... can describe these in a way for an audio audience, what are your top what are your top three poses? Okay, well, I can tell you one of the the hardest poses. I used to be the girl on all the covers of all the target jury. If you buy target injury, I was I was the model in the front of that, and so every pair of pojury is a different color of fabric, right. So during the photo shoot as the model, you have to try every single pair on and you have to get in precisely exactly the position that you were in before, and I mean you cannot there cannot be a toe hair out of place like so I remember those days and God less target. I Love Them. They were my one of my biggest clients and they paid so well and they took such get care of me, but I remember I would go home and I was like crippled from holding a pose, you know, with my toes pointed and my one leg like this, one like this, perfectly lined up. I remember it was like my back, everything, I was killing me. And so, anyway it was. You know, that's just one that really sticks out in my mind. That is well, do you have other ones that were more enjoyable to do? Absolutely, I mean I have so many great experiences as a model. I was a misreef Brazil for like probably five years. I traveled all around the world for them, South Africa, Germany, all over Europe, France, South America, all over the states, and it was really it was really amazing working with them because I was around all like the top surfers in the world. They would take us on these trips for the photo shoots and we wouldn't be with like Rab Machado and just all these huge surfers, you know, and we would just they would just photograph us with those guys all around and it was such a lifestyle and I was it was like a vacation. It was so much fun. I mean they rerief. Brazil was awesome to work for and I was really young and I got to see the whole world. That was probably one of my favorite opportunities that I had. But there were so many clients that I think rebooked me and I was really, really grateful for that because I really developed up and even still now I've kept in touch with all these clients. It's like they you know, they become your friends because you go every year the same shows with them and you know, it's fun. I did a lot of body work, like some where in lingerie, so I really had a lot of clients that were very repetitive and booking me and I was so grateful for that. I did a lot of body work to like even recently I was Sidney Crawford's body double for Omega watches. You know, I did a lot of body work, like for maximum fajam all this. I did all those magazines. Of course, every model in New York does that. It's nothing that original, but I mean it was. It was a ton of body work. Nice Ie. So lots of great experiences all around. Yeah, very grateful for all of them. Are you? I'm going back to the Brazil one. Are you a surfer? You know, I'm not. My sister we got. I grew up on the beaches of Florida, though,... I grew up around that element. I mean that's kind of like it's really my childhood was all that. It was a whole lifestyle I lived. You know, bonfires at the beach like that was where, you know, we would have ted parties when I was in high school, and that's kind of you know, Bikini contest like that's really where it all started for me. I was used to running around half naked in a Brazilian Bikini. It was like no big deal to me. So and I went to New York and I'm like, what's wrong with these girls? What's the big deal? I was so used to that growing up on the beach and so, yeah, it was quite the quintessential life, lovely, lovely. Yeah, I also cannot serve. So I'm always impressed when I can see someone that. Yeah, well, there was actually in Leste high water on the East Coast of Florida and she got attacked by a shark. Oh Wow, so crazy that. Yeah, she's totally okay. She didn't. She almost lost her foot, though, and it was insane. We could. I mean it was insane. That never happens there. I mean never, never, to anyone that I've known, and I know all these surfers. So it was that was so wild and she's so brave. She still goes in the ocean and swims like way out there, doesn't you know? She didn't let it get to her at all. But they say that the odds of being struck by lightning are actually higher than being bit by sharks. For anyone who's listening, that's afraiding on the ocean. That's impressive. Yeah, I got bit by a jellyfish once and that I'll still go back in the ocean, but I'd always a little more tentative. Now I think you're supposed to put a P on that. I swear to God. That's his. I think that's a myth because I always I've heard that and I do. Yeah, yeah, I think. I don't think it's like necessarily bad for you, but I think it doesn't help as much as people say. But I don't know. I mean it just happened once. Yeah, jellyfish stings and it doesn't even yes, they're just it's just a way to break your friends, I think. Yeah, I don't know. I think they gave me some sort of I remember they gave me some sort of like there was a lifeguard there because I was, I don't know, twelve, maybe thirteen, with this happened and they gave me some like allow based thing to rub on it and it it worked eventually, but for for a day or so, yeah, I was like, I don't like this. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for hopping on the podcast here. If people want to learn more about you, check out Karrosel working. They find you. Yes, check out carouselcom with the K K ar a cell, see Yelllcom, or you can find me on instagram. I'm superactive on Instagram at a can, underscore, os LN Eki, N underscore, Oz l en boom. Well, I can thank you so much for joining the podcast. This was fantastic, my pleasure. Thank you so much we've got to wrap up with a Corny joke, like we always do. Try to make it a little business e themed here. Why did the financial system collapse in ancient Egypt? Oh Lord, tell me. It's a lot of pyramid schemes. I'm gonna remember that. I love it. Yes, please use it. Share it with the world. I will. Good people cool things is produced in Austin, Texas.

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