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Episode 24 · 1 year ago

Empowering Women with Jane DO


Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo of fitness brand Jane DO chat building a brand, new challenges and opportunities with home workouts, and how they've created a community to empower women across the world.

Welcome the good people, cool thingspodcast featuring conversations with entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and other creatives. I'm yourhost, Joey held, and today's guests are J C lambrose and Danny D'Angelo, former radio city roquettes who founded the Jane do fitness brand. Their totalbody workouts fuse aerobic strength training and flexibility to provide the variety that women needto do it all. Uh, it's there in the name. Say It'sgreat, it's fantastic. Jane do is on a quest to create the largestcommunity of the world's most powerful women and their classes. In addition to kickin your butt, will also lift up your spirit and give you the confidenceto hit any type of goal that you have in your life, whether it'spersonal professional combination, all that good stuff. And dudes, don't tune out justyet, because there's a lot in here for you as well. Howyou can support your dudets, how Jac and Danny built a brand from theground up and now have five locations, an APP, live streaming courses,just all different kinds of stuff. It's very inspirational all around. We're alsotalking music, because, I mean, I work out without music. Isthat even, I think. Can we even do that? I don't know. I don't want to touch it. If you'd like to support good peoplecool things, you can do so in a couple different ways. Follow theshow at GPCT podcast on both twitter and facebook, or check out the newmerch shot. There's lots of good stuff. The sure to my great workout shirtsas well. They're super comfy and they look good even if you're sweatingin them. Let's dive on into the episode. Let's say we're on anelevator for five floors. That's just enough time, if you to give usa quick background. Who you are, what you're all about. Tell usabout Jane Do. We are the women behind J do. I totally selfa female empowerment brand and we are on a mission to create the largest communityof the most powerful women. That's it in in a shell. That's ourreal short elevator pitch, and I can expand on that. JC and Imeant dancing with the radio city rocket, which we did for combined seventeen years, and what we learned at our time at radio city dames on the Greekstage is that there is so much power in a group of women coming togetherso we use our love of fitness and our passion for band and founded ourstudios. We founded them five years ago and, doe to the pandemic,we unfortunately had to close all five of our studios. But it's given thethe opportunity to quickly shift and connect with our zines digitally. Awesome. Soit. Can you kind of take through that, take us through that shift, because I think that was kind of a certainly not something anyone really expectedhappening back in March, and I think I resulted in a lot of kindof quick strategic changes for a lot of businesses. So can you kind oftake us back to then and the the changes that you made? Fortunate enoughfor us, we already had our APP... the works and we had ourAPP launch date set for March Sixteen, which is actually the day our studioswere shut down. So we felt like we had a slight advent in thatregard. However, we still had five studios clothes and had to figure outhow to, you know, our business throughout in you know, unpredicted amountof time. and well, it's still continuing. So we pivoted very quicklywith the help of my Jain Dude Anthony took savvy we were able to transitionmy garage, our garage, into a live stream studio within twenty four hours. Wow. So you know we have we have relied on resources and advicefrom everyone in our circle of friends and family, and that has been pricelessawesome. Do you have a favorite piece of advice that you've gotten? Willask Danny for this one. Yeah, I think a paper favorite piece ofadvice is that, and this is one that we give, not necessarily thatwe received, but that there's no substitution for hard work, and you mostcertainly learned about that at our kind dad being with the rockheads. But nowwere able to transition that into the studios and by goodness for Google and Youtube, because we have had to learn how to operate the cameras and learn aboutlighting and basically turn into a production studio overnight. And we're breaking for becausedo you do is a mission, I mean a perfectly driven business, andour mission is to those largest community than most powerful women. And when youare perfectly here that, nothing is going to stop you from obtaining that right. So once it happened, it wasn't an option for us to just sitdown with our arms cross and wait for the studios to be open again.We wanted to jump into action and stay connected to our community, because ourhealth is our best defense against this thing. So we wanted to keep them moving. And something else that we've learned from being self funded and not necessarilyScie. We've received from other people, but something we've learned ourselves is that, you know, money is not always the solution. For us, thesolution has been to get creative and to be super scrappy when we have tobe. But because of that, as a result of our commutivity, wewere able to pivot faster than a lot of our other competitors and so thatwe're really great, great hole for a fracading. We always favor the scrapyou brogs around. Well, I think you have to be really to toreach what you you want to do. If you're sitting back, I likedthat, just sitting with your arms crossed...

...doing nothing. That's a that's agood image of the way not to do it. Yeah, I mean itwas it. We're doers at the heart of it. Our whole community dowersand we go so sumly and passionately about being in control of your own lifethat we put it in our name. Game do awesome. I like that. I like that and it also I you answered one of my questions ofhow the name came about. So checking off my list. I love it. I love it. Yeah, we knew we wanted a name that womencould stand behind, that was a call to action for people to achieve somethingand do incredible things. So we like to say we made one success byhow woman feels and if you're doing your succeeding, you're chewing something. Oneof our differentiators to is that we, you know, focus on the gameand most fitness studios are going to ask you about what you've gained, buta game you do because we want our community to find their strength in findthe studio or now inside their home or on the beach or wherever they are, act that they I. will work out and be able to keep thestrength and apply it in the real world. So it's not just about the physicalstrength, it's also about, you know, having sexual confidence, financialconfidence and emotional confidence. And once you find that confidence and that's strong,you can cross finish lines. Right that the goal. You can load thedepth off the ones ray you may have not have had the confidence to whereyou can ask for a raise, right, because we all have to find ourvoice and be your own advocate, and that's what the community, genedo community is doing. That's awesome and I definitely want to touch on thatcommunity aspect because I think that's something that can get overlooked a lot with businesses. is kind of forgetting about that community as you are starting to grow.But these are going to be your biggest advocates, they're your biggest endorsers andI always think this is super fun to hear. Jac We can start withyou, but what's like the nicest thing you've heard about Jane do or likethe the, you know, coolest comment that you've seen? I think oneof the coolest comments was one of our James who said, you know,because of the confidence I've built inside the studio, I've been able to rocksexy launderie for my husband for the time, or because of the confidence I've gaineda Jane Do, I've been able to ask for a raise from myboss. That's awesome. That's so cool. Danny, do you have one aswell? Yeah, you know, mine is going to be some ofthe Japy, but it's not just the our gene does that are writing in. It's also the jam does and the people in their lives, because youreceive letters from, you know, the people who are around, the womenthat are taking classes, and it's not as women. Men also take theclasses as well, but it's still flattering and humbling to have someone right insay you have changed. You know this...

...person's life and this is someone Icare about, and because of it they are more confident, they do feelstromber and and I see them getting, you know, stronger and more powerfuland getting me stringth to do something about it in the real world some andit's like you just feel better. And when you're feeling better, especially rightnow when it seems like there's so many different things that are out there toknock us down a peg like, if you have that confidence, it's makesall the difference. Yeah, one hundred percent. When you talk about community, right now there are two weeks that people can access because the studios areclosed. One is the genes you on the man to APP and appen,broken down by different study parts or class pipe or length of time, soyou can really customize your workout. But another way is through our gene dolive stream and what's great about the live stream is there is a chat componentand unlike when you're in the studio, whether it's an instructor and the instructorhas the microphone and then, you know, it seems like a one side ofconversation, our live stream classes are happening in time, which is greatfor accountability, but it also gives our beings a voice. So we've actuallylearned so much more a doubt them through that, throughout this anything from whatthey're eating, were they're cooking, what books they're you know, they're reading, where they're spending their quarantine, if they got into a fight with theirboyfriend, their family members. So we feel really grateful for that, togetting to know them on a bit much deeper level than we have just thesetype of studio. Yeah, I think that's been a cool, sort ofunexpected, I don't know if I want to call it a perk, butit kind of is like is do get to know the people that you're interactingwith a lot better. Like I know I've I've certainly seen colleagues with itamazes me how well put together their workspaces and I look at mine that's gotten, I know, like an empty smoothie Cup or like just things just strownabout everywhere and I'm like man, I really need to get this together.I definitely want to get back to the business aspect of things, but somethingthat I've noticed myself doing, especially over the last month, is just kindof being on a kick of like early two thousands music and just realizing likeall the songs that I was listening to like in high school, and someof them I'm like these still really hold up and are motivating me to getthings done. And I know that a lot of people, you know,like to throw on music while they're working out and it kind of just helpsget you in that sort of like let's do this mindset. So are thereany songs that you found that have been super helpful for that? It's sofunny that you bring up music. Our greatest challenge with our livestream component,in with our on demand APP has been licensed music. Yeah, it's oneof the hardest things to discover license music.

I mean there's a lot of greatartists out there, but we have gone through several databases to find somethingthat works for us and we're still trying to evolve that. We did ourfirst outdoor class with other humans yesterday, you know, so the first timein three months we were permitted to be outside teaching and we were able touse spotify again the artist that we know in love, but it was soempowered. The music is a driving force, especially what we do we call rhythmiccross training, so it's done to the music. So we think aboutteaching a class to all these songs you don't know. Takes a lot ofpreparations for us as trainers, but it's also hard to motivate our community withmusic that you know they've never heard before. We know the impact of music andthe power behind it and we definitely don't take it for granted anymore.I'll say that. Yeah, for sure, it's that is an interesting thing thatI think that a lot of people consider. I think unless you've reallykind of dove into that world, you're just like, Oh, I canput whatever they can just yeah, throw on a spotify playlist and you'll betotally fine. But that's a a fun, interesting challenge I think that you have. Yeah, yeah, I'm going going. I know I have afriend of a friend from college who's a musician and he he's always sharing thathit because he's on some of these databases that you were talking about of UNLsystem music and he actually does some my some fun little tunes. So ifyou're ever, if you're ever truly desperate, I can I can send them along, but hell, you showing up after this. He'll always share whatis featured in, which is Super Fun. He was in he was in anexercise video. I think was the first one that I saw from him. I think it was like a Singapore exercise class or something like that,and he's like, look at this, halfway around the world, people peopleusing this song that I write. So I thought that was super cool andI'd love to kind of go back to the business side of things. Yourgoal of being the largest community of the most powerful women. Reading between thelines means that you are hoping to scale and get larger, continue growing,I and I think that can be a fun challenge for a lot of businesses. I know some businesses start and they're like yeah, let's you know,let's make a hundred million dollars the first week, and it's like that's notrealistic or like they're trying to grow too quickly or have no aspirations for growth, and it sounds like you've hit a pretty nice sweet spot of steady,continuous growth but without going way too crazy that you're burning yourself out and,you know, not reaching the goals that you want to achieve. So howhave you approached that opportunity to scale? Well, I think five years agowhen we first opened our first studio in Jersey City, we actually opened itunder a different name. was called to...

...sports bar, and we needed toleverage the bar based fitness because again, it was just the two of usand we did not have a lot of money. We're looking something that's identifiablefor people to connect with an understand, because will be able to leverage thisand we'll have to invest as much money in marketing. We knew after ayear, and our first year was in Jersey City. I don't know ifI said that Dros City New Jersey. After a year, the the communityand we keep going back to it because felt so strong and powerful. Weknew we need a name that everyone could stand behind. So we transitioned oneyear to the day and change the name. So our goal after we got totwo studios, and you know, when you first open, I thinkyour goal is to like just make sure you could pay all the bill,and that's the truth. I don't think that we even at that point knewwhat our next steps were. After the second studio we said, all right, we think we really had something. Let's see if you can get tofive, and in September we were able to open you a number four monthClaire and our first New York City studio in flat iron. And as thebrands at and as the brand continued to evolve, we most recently, inthe last couple months, said you know what, like you soke about earlier, can't you see physical strength to be the most powerful version of yourselves?There are all these other elements that need to be incorporated. So, inaddition to want you to continue to scale, because now we have digital, whichwe were looking into any way, but now this is sort of,you know, push the trajectory a little bit further ahead, we want tocontinue to go into other facts, as the female empowerment, and you mayask what is that? Yes, what interview myself? Yeah, you're you'rerunning this interview, Joe. So something is that we want to look at, like I said, financial confidence and what that looks like for women asthey are making life's choices, so purchasing a home, to fore mom,keys to life, insurance plans, policies or, you know, opening yourown business. What does that look like? We want to be a voice,trusted place that they could come to for resources, and the other,again, a sexual confidence. So we want to find the confidence to beable to share with their partners and talk to them about what what they likein the bedroom, have the confidence to put on the Lauderie, the sexyclothes, and also maybe explore with some toys, if you will, andwe'll leave it at that now. That's I totally agree that the communication,I think really in all aspects of life, but especially from a sexual perspective,help so much. But it can be so difficult to bring that up, even with someone you've been in a...

...relationship with for a long time.Totally and you know, it's first female empowerment goes. Sex Peck is,you know, a hot topic right now and we will certainly want to beon the forkfront of having these what maybe work with seeds have the topics inthe past. I know we are getting a little bit away from it aswe do get more comfortable talking about it. We overall is a you know community, but we definitely want Jameson at that for from of leading the conversationsand again having a safe place for women to ask question or being a resourcesthey want to have the confidence they need. Absolutely, that's fantastic. All right. Well, you two are almost off the hook, but astute listenersof the show. Now I always like to end with a top three andI'd love to hear your top three most inspiring women are, Blakeley, welove this question. You can each give me three if you want, andwe will cheat it a little bit. So you're there. I think Ishout. I'd say you are, Blakely. I B G and I'm a setwith Bethany Frankel. I knew she can be a controversial one, butI love that she had sot outspoken. She has built an empire, she'sempowering women and I love to drink so as much as she does. Isyour drink of choice the same as hers? Yes, in Margharita, because Imake my own and I probably has been more to heel it in it, and I hope that one day we can also expand into the alcohol acidas well, and I'm certainly endured that every day hopefully at five o'clock mostdays around, for I may or may not have a reminder that goes offat five o'clock that says drink wine. So no judgment. Fill your herminder. Means that you are where we are right Ye, are our bodies remindus, but it is important. You know, I know we're talking aboutit, but it is important to celebrate, you know, the small winds andthe accomplishments, and you know, JAC and our fortunate enough to haveeach other after five years. Another one of our successes is that we arestill friends and we must really want to be doing this. While I don'tspeak for myself, I hope she feel the same way with anyone else puteach other and we must certainly like to celebrate all the achievements and accomplishments,because you can't just focus on how difficult and challenging everything is right now.Absolutely, I think that's a fantastic reminder of celebrate the achievements were we're doinggreat things during this and if you don't take the time to be like,Hey, I kicked ass at that, like you'll go crazy. Yeah,exact exactly, Jason Danny, thank you so much for taking the time tohop on and chat all about Jane Do. If people want to learn more,if they want to try work out, if they just want to know moreabout you, where can they find you? Yeah, so there's twoweeks to work out with us. You can visit Jane docom Live Stream totake our live, live classes. In...

...that way you can take class withthe Danny and myself personally, or you can download our Jane do on demandAPP, so you can work out any time, anywhere. Fantastic. I'mdownloading it as we speak. If I yeah, do it password. Yes, amazing. That'll be fantastic. I know I certainly need to get backinto gear after this past week. So we're good forward. All right.Well, our health is our best defense against this thing. Yes, yes, it is. And of course, as we always do, will endwith a Corny joke. What is a bananas favorite gymnastic moves the splits topeople. Oh my gosh,.

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