Good People, Cool Things
Good People, Cool Things

Episode 53 · 6 months ago

Flash Fiction Writing and Jazz Lounge Metal with Nancy Stohlman


Welcome to quarantine hobby life, y’all. We’re all trying to learn some new things as we continue to practice social distancing in our homes. But even with some extra time at home, we don’t always want to actually spend a lot of hours investing in something that may just turn out to be a passing fancy. Luckily, writer, teacher, and performer Nancy Stohlman is here to help — in the briefest way possible. 

Nancy is the author of Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction, an inspiration to flash fiction, showing that less is more to lovers of the craft and a valuable asset to those teaching it.

This book is super helpful and is also presented in flash fiction format. It shows veteran and newbie writers alike how to create, sculpt, revise, and collect stories, and is both delightful and super helpful. And guess what — you don’t need to know the first thing about flash fiction, or even be a flash fiction writer, to get a lot out of Going Short.

Nancy also teaches workshops and hosts retreats and knows her stuff, so if you’d like to become a better writer (as we all should aspire to be), then you’ll definitely want to listen to this conversation.

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