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Episode 55 · 1 year ago

55: From the Vault: Food Photography, Puns, and Live Football with Jin Laqui


It’s a spirited Chicago episode from the vault, y’all! I’m joined by Jin Laqui, a blogger, social media maven, digital marketing expert, and all-around badass who, like me, grew up in the Windy City. And we’re recording while the 2019 Thursday Night Football game between our beloved Chicago Bears and the visiting Dallas Cowboys plays in the background. 

Luckily, you don’t have to be from Chicago to enjoy this podcast. Jin shares how she got into writing and food photography. And as we’re both fans of puns, it seems like a great time to jump into the magic that is the O. Henry Pun Off. 

I have a cartwheeling story, too! Neither one of us is great at cartwheels, either – but hey, they’re still therapeutic to do. Plus, remember playing calculator games in school? We’re covering so much stuff in this episode!

Good people. Cool things is concast feature and conversations with entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and other creatives. Get inspired by their stories to do your own cool thing, and here's your host, Joey. Hell, it's a spirited Chicago episode, y'All. I'm joined by Austin Blogger Gin locky, who is the founder of Happy Golocky, a wonderful blog instagram account across all the socials, but those are her two areas of expertise. And like me, Jin grew up in the windy city. And so we're watching Thursday night football game between the Chicago bears and the visiting Dallas Cowboys. Yes, this is another vault episode from my prior podcast, locally source, Joey, but I think Jin's advice and tips are still so relevant today, even as we recorded this really before tick tock was a huge thing. We recorded it certainly before clubhouse even existed. But as I'm saying this, Jin was the one who invited me to clubhouse. I used her invite to get on the platform. So thank you for that, Jin. Luckily, you don't have to be from Chicago, you don't have to be a clubhouse expert, you don't have to be really a social media expert, but also just the blast to listen to. We're chatting about remember when you used to go to baseball games, or really any sporting event, sit next to fans and embracing the hatred if you were the the visiting team. Get to do all that. We're sharing our fun stories of that. Jin has a super weird asmr thing she does with Tequila. She also shares how she got into writing and food photography awards that she's one. We have a bunch of fun with puns. There's just lots of good stuff in this episodes. I wanted to share it with the good people, cool things audience since, Hey, not all of my listeners here. We're fans of locally source joey and maybe you didn't even know it existed. But there's lots of goodies and so we're going to have a blast from the past that will also be couture for the future. Got To work on those rhymes. But here's a conversation with Jin. We're watching the bears game, but this will this will are several weeks after this game, but it's the bears cowboys game from Thursday night football. We have turned down the volumes that we don't have to hear Joe Buck and Troy Akman rattle. I didn't realize this until watching the first quarter of this game, but Joe Buck, so many times I'll be like catch is made by Gallop and it's just like say something else. Joe By know. He always has just like the same exact conflection to in his voice stuff. It's tough. He's fun for baseball, but yeah, football, not so much football. Give Me Kevin Harlan on the radio or Robo, who's great. Love Roma, but don't love the cowboys exactly. How girls, sorry girls, as they get a large completion complete, but they're losing twenty seven at this moment. Hey, you know what, as a bears fan, that's great, especially when I was raised to like, sorry cowboys fans, but to despise the cowboys. I think it does an NFC thing. You know, yours fighting for that spot. That's fair. I do have an Emmett Smith Jersey up in my closet. Yeah, I could have worn it and really triggered, though. That's fair. I'm it's fine and it is great. Now, Jan we I forced you to do an intro here of two truths in a lie, and you said this should be really easy for me. So let's say. Let's watch it got okay, ready, two truths in a lie. Okay, I can burp on cue. My favorite color is black and I'm an Austin Blogger. One of the awesome bogger is one dinging me with the terrific name. Let's give a plug. Let's get the plug out of the way. So right now, Hintinton, my blog is actually still a pun. Currently it's called the locky one, as in the lucky one, and my instagram is called digestions journal, which is a Pun, but that's just for now. Hint, tintint, so stay tuned. Feel like we're getting a scoop here. You can scoops. Hopefully that's still the kiss by the time this airs. It'll be wonderful. Um, I'm going to say the Burpon Command is...

...a truth. It is. Can you guess my favorite color then? If it isn't black, is it a comparable dark color? No, I mean it's just a it's a primary color. Okay, Yellow, say, no, blue. No, red. There you go. There's times in my heart I was thinking red as well, but I was I was blinded by the bears. Oh, I know, right, you had it, but you did say yellow first. I did. I was blinded by the Tequila, which is also I'm also really surprised that you brought my favorite one, which is s Balogne. It was just a guess. I don't know Tequila very well, but I was like a, span's probably the choice. It's so great. CHOYS IT Zequila. You never had it. It's very smooth, so I that's why I like it. Yes, I've enjoyed I'm not normally a Tequila drinker. Well, I'm glad you enjoy this one. Yes, we've been. We've been enjoying a couple different shots as the bears score the most points to Piscard all season. Oh my God, seriously, like, thankfully they're up against any one of this point. Jesus, it's been like a do you already can feel like it's been a it's been a stressful season. Again, it has been. Yes, it's I I guess that's the life of the bears fan. It's never, never an easy one. No, it's not. Everybody last year. No, Oh my God, Shit, probably should be losing a lot of these games. Let's not even get into that. We won't have to. But right now the bears are really the best Chicago hope for sports teams. You think so? I mean where the cubs? What are they doing? They got really got all that talent? They did they already John Madden? Oh, they did. Joe Adam looks like the type of Guy I'd want to like crash my party. He just come in and like a sweater. He honestly, though, he seems very just like the type of person where it's like you're very consistent, so I know how you're going to be every single time I see you. You know, yes, but they got, Oh my God, I'm gonna I'm gonna Blank in. His name is really bad. GRANDPA was his name. They call him GRANDPA. He's gonna be the new manager. Oh my gosh, this is so bad. Jack, GRANDPA. No, he used to be the catcher wh when they were they oh, David Ross, yes, Grapple Rossi. There we go. Oh my gosh, my Tequila and flame it all on the Tequila. Have you seen the Brizzo Souvenir Company commercials? No, I will have to inner splice. I don't know how well it'll be audio only, but if not, we'll throw a lincolner. But it's Anthony Rizzo and Chris Bryant start a Souvenir Company for all the home runs they hit. That's the Brizzo Souvenir Company. And there's they're very funny commercials. David Ross makes a cameo and one of them. Oh wait, these are old right. Okay, I've seen them whenever we were actually doing good. Yes, that was when they were peak aired. I'm stirring the successful years. Oh my gosh. Okay, so funny story actually, because whenever we did win the championships, will change his two thousand and sixteen. Hey, we're still twenty. Oh my Gosh, six, twenty six, yes, Sir Oh man, any time to day ere. I know. So at the time I was living with two othermates, right, who obviously who are from Houston, so they actually don't know baseball. But at the time this is one like Chicago. I was like getting so nervous or whatever, and I remember like so this is game seven. I was sitting at home and like literally face front in front of the TV. Everything right, and then like the the weather delay hit and I was like freaking out. I had to take a walk. It was just so much for me and I was like I can't deal with this right now. And like I remember just sitting there after they had come back from the weather delay and it was like the last out, I had literally broken into tears. I need to find that video because it was absolutely embarrassing and wonderful at the same exact time.

It's embarrassing because I was just pulling my eyes out and my roommates don't watch base all they had don't understand like the curse that we had to live with and just like the amount of emotional suspense that I've been building up for like forever and the fact that I was able to witness a world series when my Chicago comes like the amount of motion was just like all over my face. It was hilarious looking back at it now because, oh, you should see. I mean it was a pretty magical time. It was I did not think I would be able to witness like a win by them such as this. I mean many, many people did not know and like I'd of been a hundred eight to see too, comes from serial Oh my God. And I think it's also just for a fact that, like the build up for it to like watching all like the people that had like their grandparents were like ninety something, a hundred something club been like talking about like I just were being upset about all the cubs wins and I'm like, well, we're witness thing one right now, oh my gosh. And like facebook memories, like during like the past world series too, would hit me with like all the feels, like the last out feelings, and I was like, Oh, I miss those days. Please cups, come back and win another one. Yes, all the three year olds haven't seen a cup world series. Very important, hurtful, hurtful all around. Yeah, they've been. The last couple world series have been very exciting as well. Oh, Astros winning and then, HMM, well, red sox laster was not very exciting. I didn't tune into that one. Happen The the nationals this year? Just all the road teams winning. Yeah, which it's weird. I think it's funny, though, because like now baseball is actually picking up as like a sport people are like turning into because, like all of my friends aren't really into baseball. But then, granted, it's more fun when like it's your actual team. That's like trying to get into it, you know. Yeah, it's just like watching it from like outside his perspective. While also have a little goal in life to visit all the major league baseball parks, and I am at thirteen. And how many out of thirty? There's thirty clubs. Really Oh, some close, that is. Thus I hit up Seattle this here and I feel like, Oh, yeah, and the mets in the Yankees at the Yankees game, they played the red sox. Big ravelry there. Yeah, and the girl next to me was a red sox fan. She's in red sox paraphernalia and everything. The Yankees start off winning seven nothing. They're crushing the Red Sox, and then the red sox hit a home run, so they make it seven one. It's still not close, and she stands up and it's just like holding her arms up and just embracing the booze everything and her her Jersey said like that they were world series champs in tween. So she's just pointing at it. She's like World Series Champs. Everyone's like, you're losing seven to one. She's just like world series and then she sits down. The next person hits a home run as well, seven to and she like doesn't react and I like elbow her. I'm like, Hey, they just hit another home runn she just stands back up and do the same thing, like holds our arms up. I was like were you? Did you just like D program for a second there? Well, what's going on? Oh my gosh. You know, it's funny, though. is also just like a random goal that I have is to be a sports meme, because you know how many of those fans are that are like the crying kid. Oh Yeah, my God, you know, like and like the crushing whatever spirits. Like. It'd be so funny to be an Internet meme just from being into sports, like sports arena. Oh yeah, I think he I can't remember. It's Virginia or Virginia Tech, but it's one of those schools were it's at the end of a game, the kid let's he's like a college student. He's just like head in his hands, like face down on the like edge of the stands there or whatever. HMM. And I remember reading some interview with him where he was like yeah, the camera I caught me doing that and then asked me to do it again because like they weren't sure if they got the shot. It's like so I don't even know which version of the meme and it like what became the meme? Was it the first time of the second time? He's like, but I did it multiple times. I just kept my head down for like five minutes. Oh, no way, that's gotta be rough. You you have the picture perfect moment. I like the crying piccolow player as well, if... remember that from Villa Nova when they were a one seed and the NCA tournament like Twenty Fifteen, maybe two sixteen, and they she was a piccolow player but like sobbing because they had just lost. So she's playing with the band but like all right, God, and it was very precious and I believe Jimmy Fallon invited her on his show and gave her like a gift basket. Okay, so you having a meme. That's like another thing too. Is just like now with'd like the age of the Internet and being like completely virable, like all the hosts want you on the show. Yeah, you'd get your fifteen minutes of fame. Oh my gosh, like what's the one with the the vans kid? And he was like yeah, yeah, he's Damn Daniel. Yeah, and he like got like a lifetime supply. And it's not even that funny, but also like, could you like cover my student dead? That's the biggest thing. Oh No, what a catch. Oh thank God, we're also watching the game. Allen Robinson making catches. This man right here gave them the ball. Alan Robinson the too. I liked this is going back to I guess it was Monday night football a little while ago. Was the Ravens and not saints. Man, who was it is the it is the ravens and someone is the Ravens and they demolished a team, whoever they just beat by a lot a couple weeks ago. UN clear. Ah, the RAMS IS RAVENS RAMS game, and I just enjoyed seeing this that. There were many, I like numbered players and the Games. There's marking room, the seconds, Robert Griffin, the third. HMM, there was someone the fourth best, even though he's let's not bring that up. But I guess it's time for another Tequila. Then there we go. Excellent. You'll be in charge. Oh Gosh, if you can get your Asmr practice. You said you wanted more of this. I could just see everyone leaving, throwing their phones into the track. I was telling Joey earlier that like so I used to have really bad anxiety and how the fact that like Asmar videos actually helping put you into sleep. You just kind of define your thing. You know, not everybody's into like mouth sounds or hair brushing, but they have a bunch of random people are some people are used to find your thing. Men Raise and are my bad people. Anyway, it's some more of it. Cheers to the true biscuit. Touchdown. Yes, his finest. Oh, that's painful. No, it's not. got that. Smith and chase by high ball tell us about high ball. So High Ball is actually this one, not sponsored. Not sponsored, but highball. If you want to throw some dollars, I know I'm your free commercial here. Yeah, so it's just just as I'm not actually up huge energy drink jinker to begin with, like I drink like one coffee a day and then maybe it just like something at the like in the middle of the Workday, just to keep myself coca we yeah, Oh my God. Yeah, they could go just a little bit of it, but they're sparkling energy water because you know, sparkling water Saltzer is all the rage right now, right truly is anal laws when you're drinking claus. Also, this commercials very great. Not to cut you off. It's a pedigree commercial where it's a girl who appears to have been hospitalized from much of her childhood, which is very sad, and the doctor comes in and she's like like more treatment today, and the doctors that actually, we're gonna try something different, and then this puppy comes in to just be like a therapy dog and the girl's face is just like so happy, better than any medicine. We don't deserve dogs. No, no, we don't deserve a certainly do not. We've got to somewhere around here where they go. I'd now will probably hear them barking at some point, I know, but honestly, this hip ball energy like.

I remember taking it for the first time and being like, I don't feel anything, and then I chugged it and then afterwards I was like, Oh, here we go, and it's like natural, has like all like the natural like gin single Urana. It's unsweetened, so there's zero cows too, but it's just like it's a good cake and it's not too much, and I think the first time I took it wasn't. Ever, I was going to prepare to like lift dead like do a deadlift day on my workout split, and I was like, Oh, you know what, and it might be like a placebo thing too, but like I was like, Oh, I can't hit a new Max Day, which I did for one nice, thank you, but I mean it tastes good. I like the line one so far, and the grape for one's good too. And you, Joe, you did drink the what is this one called the Wild Berry, yes, which, if you're into, will you agree? If, if you'd like white clause, it kind of tastes like the Black Cherry one. It does. I've only tried the black terry who claw one time and it tastes like it. It does, see, but there's no alcohol and its energy. And I like having these, though, like I have a lot of these in my fridge, but just because, like, whenever I go out, like it's an extra like kick, and you don't feel so bad. I can tolerate your friends then, yeah, basically, and it's your cows. You don't feel so guilty. It's magical. And Oh, I see a bag of money just appeared right next to us. Excellent, word. Back to dump truck full of money, dropped it all in once. I it recently held the most money I've ever held in my hands. I catch them bonds in and it was I several hundred dollars like in my hand, like even in the thousands. But I don't want to want to brag about how much money I have bonds, but I'm just saying if you have children, put a bond in their name as soon as they're born and then thirty years later they'll have some nice cash. But the woman at the bank was like here's just the money. I was like, Oh, you can just direct a positive. She's like, now, there's an ATM right there. So I have all this money and I like immediately went to the ATM to deposit it, and then after I did that, I was like I should have brought that home and like swam in it and like I could have like thrown it up in the air and like bathe underneath because when you get to hold that much cash in her hands, honestly, there's like just there's something just so I don't know if it's the word, I don't know the right words, like relief, but there's just are like a satisfaction, I guess, and just fanning just like a bunch of money hands. Not to say that it's just like a thing. We are fanning yourself with it, but I think it's just like so much like portrait in the meter, where it's like, if I had the opportunity, like hell, yeah, I fan myself with a stack of money, will go get yes, we magical. So you you teased that your blog may be changing names. Are Is it also changing themes, or is it just kind of a new no, new branding. So it's I've been going through like a bit of rebranding just because because I've been really trying to figure out like what because, like the whole blogging thing for me started I was just like a creative outlet, because I do enjoy writing. I used to write all the time when I was younger. I had like a bunch of journals just like random stories of just whatever the hell came in my mind, and then I got into photography and then, I kid you not, the reason why I got into food specifically was whenever instagram first world out, I got a superlative from my one of the college organizations that I was part of. They gave me a superlative for the most likely to do food porn and I still have it. They written they wrote it on a crispy cream paper hat and I still have it. Like it's just like one of those things where it's like this is I was meant for this. It's just like it's it's just like one of those things, but like it just came out as like created like a creative outlet for me, and then I think, you know, after going through like okay, what the heck do I want to do? Because there's so many things on my life I just like want to share, like one thing being like food, but then also being like part of like this active, balanced lifestyle and like being less on the fact of like restricting yourself into what you eat, because I obviously don't, if you see my instagram, I don't, but...

...more so of just like finding that happy medium of like enjoying every aspect as much as you can, with a focus on food and just like getting the body up and moving because it's just good for your health overall. You know. Yeah, but that's just like the hint and also another hint. It's still a Pun. So Oh excellent. Stay tuned. So have you been to the OH Henry Pun off? Okay, then, someone has told me. It might have been you, but someone was. Someone told me about it because they knew that I was so into it. Honestly, it might have been you. If it's you, Usu tell like I have not been to it, but honestly, tell them what it is. It's the greatest thing. It's the best free entertainment in Austin. I'm convinced. Every may they the OH Henry. I behind the OH Henry Museum. They host the Pun off and they've been do this more than forty years in Austin. So it's a big old thing. I wrote a story about it, a freelance story, and Texas Highways Magazine check it out. It's called Pun Pun, Pun, very delightful and it's just there's two different battles to it. There's the puns or punniest and show, which is my favorite part, where people prepare a monolog and it's usually a themed sort of things. So like when year the winner, his name is Jersey, which is a great name, he did all the countries in Asia in like a minute and a half to two minute long monolog and there's a lot of countries in Asia. So he yeah, he rattled through all of these very funny and then they do pun slingers after that, which is a one on one battle and kind of a tournament sort of style thing where they'll be given a category, so it's like types of currency or coins or something, and then they have to just pun bake back and forth off them, and it's sad. You'll get some creative ones and you'll also get some very bad one. Oh my God. Yeah, so like someone, I don't know if that was you, that encouraged me to go to it or like to actually participate, and I was like, I'm I love Pun but I'm not the one that's like a quick fire Pun, like I've just yeah, think about it. If I were to participate, would be punniest and show for sure, because you get to prepare that and can kind of like come up with a theme. But yeah, if it was like if I got a category to that, I didn't know. If it was like Hey, do like star Trek, I'd be like spock, it's all I got, it's all I got. Yeah, no, I have to really sit down and think about a pun man. Those some some of those things have not come. Naturally, I wish they did, but they do not. So do you spend fifty seven minutes on a on an instagram post to get in perfectly? Fifty seven and a half? got a round up? I know, I know. No, I really don't. Sometimes I'm I don't know, like with Instagram is one of those things where it's like I'll do it. At least when I first start I was like let me just do just do it, and then like now you're like thinking about like, okay, what exactly do I want? Because, yeah, it's fun to have it as a creative outlet, but also the same time, I think for me personally, when I'm working towards more of like a goal with something, it becomes more more interesting to do it. Then she just do it, you know, especially if it's not like a leisure thing for me sometimes anymore. But like thinking of puns, I wish that was just like you got it, you got it. I gotta sit there and think about it. Sometimes I just like forget the Pun. Here's a photo of rice. Oh my God, forget the Pun. Here's the captured and all caps. That's what I do. I just left the comment on our friend time of Dre who who has also appeared on this podcast, and let's pluck check out our episode. Love Them. So forty six. She did a ask the question, like why do you think people follow you? Type of thing, and I said something because I'm charming and charming and witty and humble. And then I said sometimes I type in all caps, which people think is good, and I know what I'm talking about because my all caps, which is true. Sometimes, if you yell, it's like a medium article, if you read something on medium and they bold the one line. Yeah, like this lines by itself and it's bold. I'm like that's the important part. Let's highlight that. Yeah, but see, whenever I talk and like when I type in all caps, like I am literally like Oh, like, you should read this out. That like very important, but like you do it for like six paragraphs and a right, it's very overwhelming. But also I'm just like a very just like fiery personality,... it's gonna come out and I think it's better if you're reading it. It's gonna come out better in all caps. For sure. It's the way to do it right. I want your next supposed to be full all caps, though a hundred percent, all caps, all right, challenge accepted. Boom, you can't call me out for it. I got this is a very side tangent, but one of my co workers we were doing a one. I'm on video chat towards the end of the day, so very loopy at this point, and I asked if she'd do a cart wheel. It's like, because everyone else at the office look like they were really in the zone. Yeah, like, do you think you could do a cartwheel and anyone would notice? And she was like no, of course they notice. Then she looks like actually, maybe not, and she tried to do it. Immediately everyone's head turned like what are you doing? And as she's going back to her desk I hear her say, Oh, Joey asked me to do a car run suck to throw me under the past. You own that. You did that on your ope. I was just feeling very adventurous at the end of the day. But she thanked me for doing a cartwheel. Inside she's like, I don't know the last time I've done a cart wheel, but it was invigorating. I can't do a cart wheel, to be holding honest with you. I do a really terrible bunny hoop. I do a rounded off. Can't do that terrible bunnyhop. Terry, can you demonstrate right now? Can I give a live narration of you trying? No, because no, thank you'd break some yeah, yeah, there's a lot, like there's a lot of space in here. We can yeah, we can lose stuffed, but also the same time, I just know myself. I'm a hazard to myself. Okay, I broke a classic fork, so cutting a carrot. So I'm simultaneously laughing at that and what just happened on the screen, which was a man falling now, which I always enjoy as someone that also falls down a lot. So did you ever play football? I've played flag football before. Okay, as far as organized professional, well, no, I didn't play any professional sports, but as far as organized like high school and or collegiate, it was mostly basketball. Nice. So I've always been into football and one of my very first memories of football is actually in elementary school, and so I've always went up as like a Tomboy, right, and so all of my best friends even to this day are still little guy friends that I have and I remember vividly that it was recess in like second or third grade, one of those. But I had a girl best friend and a guy this room at the time, right, and I wanted to go play football with my guy friend and one of my girlfriend was like, if you go play football, we're not friends, and I was like all right, piece out, stiff armed her into the turn. I just played football and it's just like one of those things and I I just like it's one of those sports, like I'm not the best at it. I only played defense because I have no Hande coordination whatsoever, but it's always just been one of those things that I just like love so much and I've always loved it. Thanks Dad, but yeah, that's like one of my very first vivid memories of football is being told I'm not going to be your friend if you go play. And who knows what that girl's doing now. Honestly, I still kind to keep an not like kind of keep even keep in touch, but it's like one of those things where it's like I see you on like facebook because I followed you as a friend, or on instagrams of all these a friend, but we're not like chatting every yeah, but to the guy friend, who is still my best friend in his day he remembers that story, so he'll know it. I'll share this podcast. Actually know it excellent. Tell them to write and subscribe. So, yeah, I remember many football day like again ever, playing organized football, Mon playing some sort of intramural. Yeah, College, and then playing Austin Sports and social out here with terrible officials. But it's fine. I'm like player who players who also take place and take two seas seriously. But even just playing like during college, during you know, like a winner break or something, we'd play m I just like a bunch of friends from the neighborhood and I remember a friend of mine breaking his finger trying to catch a ball one time and then he told me at the hospital they're like, all right, we're going to count two, three, we're going to break it on three.

They were like one and just broke it right away. God. So he was like, so that caught me off guard and I wasn't prepared for it, but he recovered. Was it just because like it was already on the verge of breaking? So they just like was just like, yeah, they broke it to like reset it. Yeah, it would be like you can make it normal again. But I also remember one of my favorite NFL plays is when a team is like less than a yard from a touchdown, we'll give it to the running back and they'll just jump over everyone and like extend the ball out, and so I was like, let me try that on a play when we were playing this game, and so I try to jump over everyone. It just immediately got like pushed back. So I didn't score, but I was still had the ball and we would play a tackle and I hadn't been tackled or anything. So then I just like threw it to the quarterback, Uh Huh, and he ran in for a touchdown and I was just like yeah, so I got my I got my experience of trying to jump over everyone. Did Not do it, but we still got a touchdown. So those plays are always so funny, though, like even like whether or not is professional, because like it's literally sometimes it's literally bit Diviti because like we'll either make it or you'll just get pumpled and push back, just demolished, or they'll just like tap the ball away. You fumbled, you were an inch from scoring and you throw it away. Oh my gosh, it's like DAC throwing it. That's fine, it's fine, a good pass. It's fine. Those are up by seventeen with ten minutes left. I mean it's fine. The chances of them blowing this are still probably pretty good. You know what it's like. The same thing with like watching Texas. It's like fourth quarter heartbreak every single time, or like fourth quarter heart attack, one of the other. You know, it's truly is. At least they're not the chargers. I don't know if you've been following their season at all, but at least at the time of this recording. Again, by the ten this goes live, it might be a couple weeks from now, but they've all of their losses have come by seven points or less, and that's just got to be really frustrating if you're a chargers fan. Yeah, that honestly has to be. But you know, it's funny, is that? So this year I decided to play fantasy. HMM, and I haven't played fantasy since high school because whenever I played up the first time, I was just like, obviously I'm way too competitive. One Fair and then also to like because of my competitiveness, if I kept losing, I was just like, I'm not a sore loser, but it just made it really hard to watch football leisurely because you're sitting there watching like all the games at the same time and being like is my guy in is he finessy in it? And like I can't just say here and just watched, like I just like I love, like being will to sit on a Sunday with a pizza box open and just like flip through and just like wait and see what happens, versus like sitting here and like stressing out over like is my player and is he not another and like I look, kid, you not. Have not been able to sit down and Leisurely Watch football because I've been in fantasy and I have this whole that's why I don't like. That's fine, I know and I told all the guys, and I'm granted I'm also the only girl in this league. I told them, I was like, do not ask me to play next year because I just want to watch football and enjoy it. I like, okay, I get it. If you're not, like there's like two sites of story where it's like, yes, you can also be into it if you're into football already, but then also if you're not into football and you join fantasy, it's more fun to watch. It's a game, more of a game with fantasy, but for me I'm like, I don't want to freaking watch. I don't want to be stressing out over how much money I'm losing because I just put not in playoffs. No, thank you. Next, can we ask who your top pick was? Honestly, I don't remember if my to my number one was, I was so stressed out I was because, like, I had one of my work league which I for like completely forgot about. Honestly, I have not touched this since week won, and this one I don't remember who it was, but I will tell you that my team name is runs like a girly fitting right TA girl. Yeah, who has also been very upsetting this entire season. And but he's one of the number players from that game, though, Tak Girle, the second oh he is. Yeah, yeah, but very inconsistent. So that's how only upsetting. I'm sorry, yeah, I know, it's fine, everything's fine. Yeah, I had Michael Thomas, is... second round pick, who has been the most consistent, my sweet beautiful boy, I'm a sense that's my friend set but yeah, he's been delightful. Yeah, I'm trying to think I honestly don't know, but I do. The one thing that I do remember from the draft order was that I was seventh in the snake round. Okay, so I was like this like the I remember thinking about the first person that I wanted it off, his chush mcgraffrey, and I wish I did. He was easily taken by then. I'll answer that. Yeah, we're sure. Yes, he was very he has been very good. Oh my God, I wish I got him. The guy have the seventh picto. Seventh or eighth. I might have been eighth. Yeah, and it was snake ground and I was like this is not fun. Well, it's not fun if your first or last and that, because it's just such a long wait in between, and you're like I could go. Yeah, well, I was like seven, a bunch of cats like this. I think I was like seventh out of like I think there's like ten people in our league. So it's like not the very bottom, but also not in the middle. So you're still waiting. Yeah, like I didn't get my first round pick. There's no way. DEVASTATIC, testhetic, I know, but yeah, why you do the auction style, see, but none of these guys wanted to do it because they they just shown it. They wanted snake and I was like fine, I'm not gonna win this argument. Let's do snake. I'd rather play snake the calculator game. I was amazing at the game. Not to to my own horn, it sounds like you are maybe a little bit. I missed that stuff these kids use. Is No, no, snake. The calculator games don't have something. I did see a gift of someone playing snake and they got it to the point where it's like the whole screen is the snake. Yeah, and I don't know, I've never gotten that far. No, that's that's about usually dead yourself. Yeah, with like most, like half of the screen, I'd say is probably the closest I've gotten. Then I just accidentally turned the wrong way. Where are you thinking? Like kakiatter skin? Because screen, because I'm thinking no, Kia screen, like no, yeah, it was a smaller screen. It was like no Kia size. Yeah, and they got it so where it was like literally like one Pixel. Yeah, there's I don't think I ever made it that far. Yeah, I just get nervous and accidentally. Oh, yeah, drop the phony. Too Much, too much. I did have a calculator game. I've certainly told the story on all podcast before. I don't know if it was this one. There was a game called beer hunter, which was a game where your goal was to get as drunk as possible. You've tried to raise your BAC and you could do it either via going to a party and drinking or, just like, I think, you could go to a bar as well. Like, there are a couple different options of like raising your BAC on a calculator. Yeah, on a calculators. All text based. There's no graphics to this game. And then you could go to while you're at a party, you could pick a fight with someone to make money and then buy beer, or you could rob houses and buy beer. And the only way you could quit the game was by losing, which was either getting beaten up in a fight or getting arrested by the cops. Why? You try to rob a house, but sometimes you try to rob the house and you could either be successful and get all the money, or you try to rob the house, the cops would come, but you'd get away, so you'd get some of the money, or they'd arrest you and you'd lose. HMM. And if you got to a one hundred BAC, which is like what, six thousand times what would kill you, like very high. Yeah, you could buy a brewery and then you win the game doing that. And I was in a class playing this game in college one time and the teacher was tie. It was some sort of like you know, marketing or advertising, yes, sports class, and he was like giving an equation. He was like Oho, you've got your calculator out. Can you do this equation real quick? And it was like, you know, seven seventy, three hundred and fifty six divided by one hundred and eighty nine or something. So in my head I'm trying to do this long division real quick because I can't quit the game, and I like kind of give a guess. That ended up being like twelvezero digits off and he, like you, said like yeah, that's right, and then he was like wait, no, that's not right, and then he called another kid who at a calculator and he did. He's like actually, it's a this answer and I was like thanks, Damien. I wonder if kids these days know that like if you plug in your tie three you can get games and like do other things that you probably shouldn't... any huculator, but it's doable. I'm sorry. What are these other things I don't like? Okay, well, you can cheat on test. Yeah, don't do that, though. Cheating dead a yeah, but then also, like, I don't. I always wondered that. Now, like looking back at the things that I didn't in like high school, in college, like just like using the tat three, like not even like on the physical calculator itself, but like you know, like how there's like the cover on it and like, you know, writing with the cat, yeah, and soil on the cover and then like shoving it. Yeah, like stuff like that. I wouldn't because do that these days. Don't do that, but because other ways to cheat. I feel like a lot of tests are just online now, like you take it at home and yeah, and it's just like it's what your score was. That's true, like I can just look that up. I know. I don't know how people do these days. Thank God I'm not in school. Honestly, yes, thought about it like after I had graduated and I was like, did you ever have a laptop and school or was it past? That was past my time. Now. We had laptops, but like had laptops, but like not during testing. But then again I was still even though we you could take like your laptops out in like take type written notes or whatever, I still liked a handwrite mine. There's just like something more like satisfying about writing it down. Yeah, I like it. Yeah, doing the work. Let's watched her brisky under throw another player. That was actually a decent throw. He had hands anthy Miller. It popped off. Is just should have caught it. When I was watching basketball growing up, there was a player called Anthony Miller who was very large and his nickname was pig. He's anti pig Miller, and I always thought that was very funny. He's in the movie space jam, if you watch that, I love that movie, when the Lakers are refusing to dress hi and they're outside. He's one of the guys that talks. It's him in Vlody divatch, and that is your obscure Trivia. You know, they're making one with Shaq, with Lebron. Oh, say, I got sorry, I just chack. Was An uncle drew. That's sorry. Yeah, I think I was just like what. I was watching this video today and it was on twitter about like how sler there's this new trend on ticktock where you like have your phone like facing up and you like throw objects in the air and like Steven Hits you and so naturally right. And so she shaq was on here and he was like he was doing it with something and then out of the blue, someone just like throws an egg at his house and it's the most larious thing because he hasn't he had no idea what was coming. And it's probably like top ten experiences on this like on end being love me some shack. Oh Yeah, well, we I don't think we've mentioned this during this podcast, but you also work for bumble. I do find me on bumble. Find Her bumble user name is bumble bumble. Oh No, and avid listeners, bokally, stars Joe, know that I like to end every episode with the top three. So I'd love to hear your top three tips for good bumble profile. Oh it all are single. People take notes. Oh my gosh. All right. Well, if all like so, like on bumble, if you have like the option to put six photos on there. If it's not all six, you're let me backup track here. You're more likely to get more matches if you have all your photos filled out, a bio filled out and if you use badges. Those your three things. Fill out your pictures, right out your bio and use badges. I feel like you just turned one answer in the three. No, very secularly, the thing like that's those are the top of things that you should do if you want to get her matches a mumble, and those are my three tips. Download bumble. Find me on there and you'll know. Yeah, just use your profile as the guide. Oh my God, you haven't you. You can't search me on there, though. You gotta find me. What's your top photo, or is that giving too much away? Um No, that's not giving too much away. My top I think be. I just remade my profile not too long because bored. So... original photo used to be of me sipping a Margarita at Shady Grove from that one time we were an AFB are happy. I refer our food bugger lines. I was not at that one. Yes, you were, thanks for the ever. No, I was out of town. Oh, what the heck, I'm so bad. Anyway, my spirit is just out of at least yeah, it would have. Yes, Syria was well and well, and we're there, but that one and then I just recently switched it to me holding a picture of beer at worst fest. So there's a theme here. I don't know. I mean my badge says, hint, hint, socially drinker. So there you go. You're not. Yeah, you're not, false average. No, I'm not. I mean I love me some Margarita's and I will drink a beer on occasion. Excellent work. Hope you enjoyed listening to that podcast as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Always a blast to chat with GIN. Check her out on Instagram at happy go locky laqui. That's her last name. Very clever. Also, you can visit happy go lock ECOM to see a whole bunch of different guides, recipes, food photography and it all just looks wonderful and Jin is just so joyful, especially if there's pizza involved. So please go check both of those out. And you know what, even though this is a vault, we're still going to end with a Corny joke. I met a man who worked at a funeral home and he asked me what type of coffin I wanted. I told him that's the last thing I need. Good after it. Today people good people, cool things. Is produced in Austin, Texas. If you dug this episode, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, whether you're on apple podcast, spotify, stitcher, pod chase or any other podcast APP. I want to keep delivering great content to you. You want to keep hearing it, tap that subscribe button. Will see you next time.

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