Running a Business and Finding Your Inner Warrior with Natlyn Jones


Natlyn Jones is just an all-around rock star. She started getting into boxing from her husband, boxer Roy Jones Jr., and quickly realized the many benefits boxing can bring to people. She channeled that focus into SheWarrior, a brand creating sustainable activewear for the fighter in all of us.

In this episode, we’re chatting all about running a business, from getting started to social media to Natlyn’s worst moment as a business owner, and how she bounced back from it. We also wrap things up with a list of home workouts and songs to keep you motivated, so you can, like I always say, GET AFTER IT today. 

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Episode 49 · 4 weeks ago

Online Entrepreneurship and Digital Nomads with Omar Mo

Omar Mo is the founder of Nomadables and the host of The Nomadic Executive podcast. He helps online entrepreneurs that want to escape the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job and live a life of freedom and purpose. Centered around health, wealth, and wisdom, Omar uses life lessons he’s learned from his own experience and other experts across the world to empower people to live their best lives. Now it's your turn!

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Episode 48 · 1 month ago

Passport to the Hood and NBA Talk with Chrissy and Anthony Kent, SociaLaughs

You can grab a copy of any of the games — including some sweet combo packs — on the SociaLaughs website or through Amazon. Learn more about each game below.

Passport to the Hood

This game includes 3 volumes – and highlights hilarious moments of urban culture, says everything that you hear behind closed doors and reflects the things we experienced growing up. You are ready to play this game if you know: 1) What to do when you see people run 2) A New Yorker’s favorite word 3) What snitches get 4) What the PJ’s mean 4) What not to do at a cookout. The objective of the game is to not lose points by predicting what answers the opposing teams will select.


The game that revives your favorite quotes, catchphrases and lines from some of our most beloved Black celebs. You are ready to play this game if you know these quotes...He shot me in my pinky toe. If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit. King Kong ain't got sh*t on me. You ain't got to lie, Craig. 86 Quote cards, 4 Go cards and 16 Decision cards.

Story of My Life

Designed specifically for women, Story of My Life is fun-filled journey highlighting the social, personal and cultural experiences that cultivate the life stories of women. Play this game and find out what stories you have in common with your girlfriends.

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Episode 47 · 1 month ago

On the Right Path and The Best NBA Dunks with Brett Gunning, Stacy Padula, and Maddy Moore

Author Stacy Padula teamed up with NBA Coach Brett Gunning on a children’s book series based on the principles of his nonprofit, On the Right Path. And because every kids’ book needs some great illustrations, they called in Maddy Moore to sink a few clutch shots with her designs. 

We’re chatting about the book writing process, the best quarantines, and some of Brett’s most memorable NBA moments, including a delightful story about Kevin McHale. 

Episode 46 · 2 months ago

Working in TV, Writing Plays, and Hollywood Inside Stories with Billy Van Zandt

Billy Van Zandt has been writing plays, TV shows, and films for nearly half a century. So, naturally, he’s got a few stories to tell about Hollywood. Luckily, he was taking notes along the way and has put his finest moments into his new book. 

GET IN THE CAR, JANE! Adventures in the TV Wasteland is a behind the scenes memoir of Emmy-nominated writer/producer Billy Van Zandt and his years making America’s favorite (and not so favorite) sitcoms.