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Omar Mo is the founder of Nomadables and the host of The Nomadic Executive podcast. He helps online entrepreneurs that want to escape the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job and live a life of freedom and purpose. Centered around health, wealth, and wisdom, Omar uses life lessons he’s learned from his own experience and other experts across the world to empower people to live their best lives. Now it's your turn!

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Episode 41 · 3 months ago

Digital Marketing, Flutes, and Disney World Adventures with Nicole Riccardo

Nicole Riccardo may barely be five feet tall, but she sure has some mighty superpowers. She serves musicians and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to market themselves effectively and increase their impact + income. Bottom line, she can help you make some moolah to do what you love.

How? Through a combination of branding, SEO, marketing strategy, the Instagram algorithm, and a whole lot more. We’re covering a bunch of it in our discussion, plus even more important topics, like playing the flute vs. the piccolo or the best rides at Disney World.

Episode 40 · 3 months ago

Almond Yogurt and Family Business with Matt Billings

Matt Billings is the fourth generation of his family farm, which first started more than 100 years ago. And now, he's the founder of Ayo Yogurt, a vegan, dairy-free almond yogurt.

Episode 39 · 3 months ago

A Spooktacular Episode! Musicians Share Their Worst and Craziest Shows

In honor of Halloween, we're having a spooktacular episode filled with scary stories! Hear from musicians as they reminisce on their worst and most outrageous gigs.

Episode 38 · 4 months ago

The Worst Gig and Using Music for Good with Suzi Ragsdale

Musician Suzi Ragsdale talks about her new album Ghost Town, what it's like to record music during COVID, and why it's important to use music to lift people up.