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Omar Mo is the founder of Nomadables and the host of The Nomadic Executive podcast. He helps online entrepreneurs that want to escape the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job and live a life of freedom and purpose. Centered around health, wealth, and wisdom, Omar uses life lessons he’s learned from his own experience and other experts across the world to empower people to live their best lives. Now it's your turn!

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Episode 21 · 8 months ago

Writing Songs, Sharing Music, and Playing Video Games with Maggie Gently

Maggie Grabmeier talks about her solo work as Maggie Gently, including her songwriting process, her worst gig (and the valuable lessons it taught her), and we discuss our favorite quarantine games.

Check out Maggie's new EP, Good Cry, which is a raw, introspective look at losing a relationship with a friend. Or, as Maggie calls it, "five songs of sadness."

Episode 20 · 8 months ago

How to Start a Small Business with Amir Mostafavi

South Block founder Amir Mostafavi shares his tips for starting and running a successful business, plus the power of community and his favorite works of art.

Episode 19 · 8 months ago

Professional Organizing and Productivity Accountability with Nettie Owens

Nettie Owens, founder of Sappari Solutions and Momentum Accountability, joins the podcast to chat about how to organize your professional and personal life, ways to maximize remote work efficiency, and why productivity accountability is so important.

Episode 18 · 8 months ago

Producing TV Shows and Budgeting Tips with Annette Silva

Annette Silva, executive producer at Studio City Productions, knows the power of a good story. She joins the podcast to talk about producing TV shows, both traditionally and in the current all-digital landscape. She also shares how she started a budget to save money for her family – and how you can do the same – and why trust in the workplace is essential.