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Episode 48 · 10 months ago

Passport to the Hood and NBA Talk with Chrissy and Anthony Kent, SociaLaughs


You can grab a copy of any of the games — including some sweet combo packs — on the SociaLaughs website or through Amazon. Learn more about each game below.

Passport to the Hood

This game includes 3 volumes – and highlights hilarious moments of urban culture, says everything that you hear behind closed doors and reflects the things we experienced growing up. You are ready to play this game if you know: 1) What to do when you see people run 2) A New Yorker’s favorite word 3) What snitches get 4) What the PJ’s mean 4) What not to do at a cookout. The objective of the game is to not lose points by predicting what answers the opposing teams will select.


The game that revives your favorite quotes, catchphrases and lines from some of our most beloved Black celebs. You are ready to play this game if you know these quotes...He shot me in my pinky toe. If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit. King Kong ain't got sh*t on me. You ain't got to lie, Craig. 86 Quote cards, 4 Go cards and 16 Decision cards.

Story of My Life

Designed specifically for women, Story of My Life is fun-filled journey highlighting the social, personal and cultural experiences that cultivate the life stories of women. Play this game and find out what stories you have in common with your girlfriends.

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Welcome the good people, cool things,the podcast beturing conversations with entrepreneurs, writers musicians andother creatives on your host Jowwe held Antoday's guests are Chrissy andAnthony Kent founders of social laughs. The company behind the fantastic cardgames passport to the hood volumes, one two and three CELEBSEID and story of mylife Chrisine Anthony spent years in corporate America, had financeintechnology backgrounds and then decided. You know what we've had enough lifeexperiences growing up in black culture. Let's turn it into a card game or more,more specifically, several card games that feature all the different nuancesof the black experience. Hip, hop rap, comedy pop culture, Politic, sports, somuch more, and these games are just a lot of fun to play very easy for anyoneto get into and we're having a lot of fun. Talking about the inspirationbehind these games anthony and I get off on all kinds of basketball tangentsas we are big hoops fans, and it's just it's a blast all around. So if youhaven't picked up your copy of any of the social ass games passport to thehood volumes, one two or three selebsed or story of my life go on over tosocial lasscom and do that, but you know check out the episode first and ifYoud like to get in touch with good people, cool things you can reach outvia facebook, twitter or instagram at GPCT podcast, or send a message throughthe website at GPCT podcast com. This episode is brought to you by fiver thego to place of Gettin any kind of freelance work done. I have gottendesigns for some of the March: that's in good people, cool things, merch shop, I've also had nice logo work, nicedesign work. Really whatever you need. You can find someone on fiver visit,Bitdot ly, SGPCT fiver with two RS and get started on your next creativeproject for as little as five dollars. That's a lot of good stuff. Thisconversation's a lot of good stuff, let's hop on into it with Chrissy andAnthony and for someone who's not familiar with social lass. Let's hearyour elevator pitch so socialass is in entertainment, trivial, car game. We, we are focus on providing trensittingtrend, setting entertainment. We started back in two thousand andseventeen whet our first game called a password to the hood and that game isbased primarily on black culture. So you see element of rap hip, hop you'll, see some politics and sportsand entainment as well. So That's how a company initiallystarted. We wanted to put out a tribut car game, so he came OUP with a Lon list of names toparticular potentially name the game, and then we set hem on passported hood and then we came Oith,Ta name Social Lag, so startin ood deal good deal. What were some of the othernames that you you work, shopped, idon' een lit anymore. I can't tell you man, they probablyweren't. Jawhat ye had an idea about who maybe we just kept playing aroundthat, but I don't know exactly. Then you like Ho was probably kind of likethe stator. We were like take it to the hood because we were doing Hyeahrabad,so it's probably going okay, why a card game? Why why was that thethe route you went with, because I think this is a super interesting andneeded concept, but was was it always...

...that you wanted to do a card game ordid you kind of think about some other ways to maybe get a game like thistogether? So no t the car game was pretty muchthe INITIALAV plan so- and I say this on every podcast, I'mlike Wheniver, call myself a serial eltrepreneur. So you know I'll just berandomly walking I'll wake up and I have an idea. So So, if I think isworth while you know follow me up on an now, you know ill. You know goat at thewall, an see the stick so like I said Idia for the car game. First, Kingfirst and then before I even invested a lot of time. Isaid: Hey man, you know t this isn't going to work unless I have a realcatchy name that can sell itsel. So that's how I started. You know just adream. I woke up. Oh, you know on a car game and hen focus on't get the nameand as we thought more about it, I mean, like you, know, Card Games ar somethingthat I think they'r staples, that everyone has in their household. It'salways like, maybe one or three games that every house hold has. So wheneveryou have like a kickback or holiday time, and you have friends and familyover, you know everybody's always going to want to play something Tou, justkind of keep entertainent and things slowing. So we knew that that wassomething that was a possibility for us to tap into, and we knew that we had agood opportunity of like really taking on some of that market based off of theproduct that we had, because we knew it was going to be catchy once he came upwith the idea of the name. We knew he had something absolutely, and I also thank you forkeeping the rules not to complex. I nothing, I think, is more frustratingthan opening up a card game or a board game, and it's like a you know, a full,like booklet of of rule, that Ye have to ahlikelet's Eris a lot of times. Hawe play nine times out of kin. There's some kind of acoholic beverages flowingin the room with adults make sure it's a doe. Of course you know you don't want. Youdon't have time to read through all of these instructions. Exactly so can you kind of take usthrough? Then you have the idea from taking the idea and turning thatinto a card game. What was that process like so the the process really started withcoming up with enough content, so we try to turn out or produces manyquestions as we could so we might have had over ful like four hundred fourhundred five hundred plus questions, and then we said okay. Well, we need, like you know a hundred. Youknow questions for the for game right, so we just kept oon doing processandlimination, you know. Is this good enough for the first product is Tisgood enough for the first game and then once we felt like we had a good numberof good number O e questions, then Iactually started doing the research in terms of you know: finding amanufacture put the printte Games and, and I'm pretty good in Foloshop, sostarted working on the design, work and things in thatnature, so that that's how it all started fantastic, fantastic! Did you again did you did you have like severaldifferent kind of prototypes? You went through with the design because I thinkI mean first of Al, I'm very impressed by anyone. That's a good at Photoshop.So already already I'm just like it's nice, but yea o Thatan, what they did back in twothousand and seventeen when we first watched them. So initially it had a lotof Anthony's original, like art worker things that he learned how to do andphoto shop and then, as the years went on, we started actually op. We tookpictures. So if you notice on the boxes, those are actual houses or those areactual apartment complexes. Someintron Staten Wat with the othertwo in Charlotte right yeah, where we decided to actually go intoneighborhoods and take actual photos of homes yeah, so we kind of yeah westepped it up a notch. Definitely from...

...our NIG original artwork. Becasit wasvery basic in the beginning. Are the the people who live in thosehomes? Are they like your biggest supporters, then? Are they promoting it?They're like hey. This is this: is our house a they probably wouldn't evenyeah they would't? Now they wouldn't pick up onit idn't even know: Okay,okay, wanididn yeah. Once you Takeyean, then we putts kind of put a layer ofcolor color, wil Wer, the Yeah Tblin. Okay, okay, deal good deal, it can be secretly famous. I like, like obviously, two thousand and twentyweltle a little different than the last years with pandemic going on, and youmentioned like family gatherings things like that, where, in a lot of states, that's kind of beenlike hey, let's not do that, let's hold off on that for a little bit. So howhave you continued marketing the game in a time when getting together withpeople is not an easy or as easy as it normally might be? Yeah? To be honest,our games theyve really taken off during Pinan demming. I mean we werealready doing well, but we started seeing uptick in our sales early Marchand in the beginning, an anthony couldn't really figure out what washappening because it was kind of like our Christmas calls were coming in youknow, holiday time will normally see up Tickin cals, but what we notice is alot of people started playing our games virtually they're using zoom they'reusing hangouts there. I guess one of those other platformsthat people use are for virtual purposes, but a lot of people arestarting to play our games. Virtually. We even had someone from a corporation.They tagged us. They were playing our game within their employee resourcegroup. It was a group of women and they were playing our passport to the hoodvolume to the trap edition. So we were just like Oh wow, that's so cool! Youknow just to actually see these women playing and they're in Ta worksetting,so I just think that people for were just looking foropportunities to do something different. You know to try. How do we engage you?You know we're all working from home. How do we still have people engage andhave a good time and try to like take a moment, kick a step back and not thinkabout everything, that's happeneing in two thousand and twenty, because weknow it's been rough, so it's definitely been awesome to try to bringsome laughter into people work, settings on zoom calls and just withinpeople's families in general, during the pandenmic yeah. I think that speaksto the resiliency to of the the gaming community is a whole is like if it's agood game like you'll, find a way to play yeh it'Na hundred percent, the wayit was designed to be like don't make it happen. Sure you've been in businessnow, since tw thousand and seventeen what', something that surprised youabout running a business. You know so initially. Whenever we started the gamein two thousand and seventeen, we didn't have our face attached to it atall social aghs. We were selling games, solly based off of the name and nothaving a face with it. So not saying that I was quote unquote,surprise, but I was impressed with how well the game was settling without uslike really doing a lot of marketing and pushing it out there. You know wereally didn't put a lot of marketing dollars into it in the beginning. Wejust wanted to test it out and truly see. How was the name going to work?You know: are people going to be captured by the name and want to likejust jump onboard and purchase and honestly they did. You know people.They are infatuated, I think with urban culture, or I think the Word Hood. I think it wasjust some people say what is this about and you just made them want to click onit and like purchase the game. So I think a part of that. I was kind ofsurprised about that. How will we did without even having our name attachedto it and without having to really truly push it on our individual sidide,fantastic and for people listening who maybe haven't checked out the Games?Yet? Can you give us kind of a quick,...

...quick walk through of of each game passwo to Te Hood at avolume, one two and three? They all cover. Youknow things black culture, so you see elements of some of the sane questions throughout each game, butpassfoard to the hood viuntois trap pedition. So you see more materialthere. That is more related to you know things that you wouldexperience in Antrap in a trap house like some type of drug activity orthings that might occur to yo. If you happen to get in trouble with helpbeing in the trap house by getting locked up and or going to jail. So yousee things that nature for that virgin for a pass put to the Hoodvidune threefeds watching you'l see a lot of material, that's more still related to police activity being engaged with thewith the fids like being watched, benefits so youl see a lot of materialthere. So the categories in the game or, of course you know, trap you have fedwatch and you have history, life entertainment. So we tried to cover it.The whole spectrum so, like things that youill see in movies TV shows justcurrent events. Youill see that stuff throughout to the game, and I othe two games that we producestory of my life. So the story of my life is a trivia game for women and that game came about one day whenever Iwas at work. A lady complemented me on my hiad and when she was complimentingme of my hair she reaches out and she grabs my braves, and that is like ahuge stereo type. Everyone knows you never t touch a black woman's hair, andso I was so upset. I come home and I'm like, I can't believe, like she grabbd.She touched my hair like she could have just said it was nice like Whydi, shetouch my hair and so is like you know what I'm Gonta make a game about this,and so initially I started thinking of what are like the weird awkward momentsthat black women have and then so, as you start coming up with conscient andthinking about it more, I'm like well. No, I want to do this for all womenbecause we all have our awkward moment. So you know, story of my life is justsomething that all women should be able to relate to we're going to talk aboutyour coworker, that you can't stand or Theyl boss that you just wish woud goaway or what girlfriend? Don't you take advice from? You know the one I alwayswants to give an advice, but she never takes her own or just dating likerandom, dating story. So that's really what that game involves in our latiestgame is called Salepsid, so that is quotes of the rich and famous this onetalks about you know all plop culture, anything you've heard of celebrity sayeveryone knows Connie. He has some pretty memorable moments where you saidsome crazy quotes, so we have a Lik. We have Konne in there Kevin Hart. We have what's Asloista Baby Whyn, drawing uplinkoln his name right now: Yeah Arnold Schwarzen nigger. So just a lot ofcatchy phrases that you may hear on a movie. You may have just seen on TV orcelebrity a rapper or someone that said so. You know something in our household.We always do any time. We have an opportunity to like crack a joke aboutsomething we'll do it. If we can like make it a joke, wet we quote a movie orsomething. So we just thought that that was something pretty cool that we couldreally bring to People's House O. It's funny. You mentioned ArnoldSchwarzenegger because the the last time we were playing, he came up.Yeevista baybe came up, it was misattributed, but the person did notknow who it was to be fair. Has My girlfriend's sister WHO's? Eighteen? Somaybe maybe arnold is a little before her time, but she was like. I don'teven know who that is at all. You RIHO, my mon. We had to stop, I had to leave the roomand then come o. You bring that up, because one thing at me and Han to benotice when you play with people, it depends on their generation like whatpeople are going to say for certain...

...things. So, like a lot of the majorityrules that we have in our card games depending on the a range you know,you'll have people fighting all day about WHO's. The better basketballplayer is at Jordaner. Is it Lebon or who's the better RMB group? You know,so that's one thing that we love, because it brings like a little bandchair back and forth between the Group of friends that may be playingdepending on the age range. Absolutely okay. I have. I have one other followup question o that, but before I forget, I saw this question name when youmentioned basketball. I have to see if you have a good answer for this, isthere an NBA player that you always forget about, and then the seasonstarts and you're like Oh yeah, they're still in the NBA? No me not here, Wel, not that. I forget about them. Ithink I forget what team they're on, because EEYONE goways goonjus herealways get trakin here so ill Tan, something I'll say something like wait.I thought he was. I thought he was like on I'm the wariears and he's like Dheyhe's been going for there like two years, like I gon Ta counfuse, like ifI reme. If I like you and at the time, if you were like really balling out,that's the team. I want to remember you on. I don't want to see you like go toanother team H, because Hesye Tra, real crazy nowdays, like Fz buthing, whenDany Green recen got trade. He Goina get trained like three times so likyoubefore Hedisexon, when you got traded like three times so Itas like it'scrazy yeah and in my heart, Danny Gren, he should have just stayed on the spurswhen he was killing it. You know I mean I know you di but in my mind, that'swhy e I want to keep them at, even though I know he went to the Lakers. Ijust feel it like. That's where he is. I hope he doesn't go to the placesbefore I hope he's just like relaxing at home. It's like look I'll. You knowI'll report to camp like a week before, but I'm not going to make all these.These stops along the way. defiitely love basketbaball. We really didbasketball people in our house, so we're so excited t atd. We don't haveto go through that. What does it go? Only four months, Tay Ye that break ohave SOMERSORC yeah. We didn't have to do that this time because he covi so being out in Charlotte then arey'all. Hornets fans t a podcast. His is ye Om I watchisyeah were Ni mean I will say you know. Whenever we go to the MORNITS Games, weare making sures some of our favorite players. Are the opponents we're goingto see awe're pante fans as well as old,Santes, so wonderful, so Nocan Hee's't play forUS anymore right? I do know that yes, yeah, I am aware yeah I did there was there was someone elsethat was like that. Not It wasn't Cavin, it wasn't Tom Brady, but it wassomehone along like those levels where someone was just like. Oh, I didn'tknow, they were on this team and drying a Blak on who it wasn T- and I was justlike come on like that's, that's an obviousone, but I don't know yeah, I'm with you on the NBA, I like to think I'mpaying attention, but then the the name that triggered this was Garrett Temple.Who I is on my Chicago Bulls, who I have,admittedly kept less in touch with since moving outside of Chicago and nowI live in Austin. So the Spurs are kind of you know the defacto team, justbecause they're the closest one here in he, the G League team, is in Austin andI was just kind of like looking at theBulls roster and I'm like Oh yeah. They Sen Garret temple a few weeks ago and Ihad totally forgotten. He was even still playing so normaly the trade the trades out knowabout- or you know normally like you're all stars, O superstars. You know kindof like your people who are rending for like six men, but if you're like a ten ten string player...

Ge, I don't ohcnersation were Talki aboutthetopithe reason why I shi is because normally you know, people who are likebench players like third strain. You don't really hear it doesn't make thenews when they get traiped, you know they. Don't they don't make now,there's not it's not in the press. You don't know they got traded. You know,of course, like if you get like a Lebron James or ad or James Harand,that's going to be all over. You know the news, but you know if you're likeyou know, like a no, I mean like Ro, I don't want call nobodies, but if youlike, a role player that you know on a certain level, you havege like twopoints, a game. You know its not going to be a lowed of conversationai yeah.I'd still I'd still love to be a role player in the NBA that I'll makemillions to sit on the end of the bench. Number fifteen at the bottom of thebottom, an I' gi'll. Take One F: Those Ten dayse Si me up sem me up man. I just want to talk NBA for forthe rest of this yeah e's always secetly wanted to be asports aalyst. He would sto love that he would be in heaven if you guys did asegment like Ye Cau, you nonit's in my blood man, because you know StevenNihsmit, even I smipp on to my went to my colleg, so yeah number one analeston TV. Excellent. Do you have a favorite Stevena Smith moment? All of Themi mean that's fair. That isfair. tthing I like about Stevnmth is: Is it's his voice, so the Regio I feelpeople are so drawn to him because, like you know, a lot of people mightsay he's aggravating stuff like that. I don't like his voice, but she want. Hewill remember, you will watch him and he I feel like he has the type of voicein he communicates in a fashion where youalways want to watch, even though you might have some things that you might.You might not particularly care about, but you watch, I don't have anythingbad to say about. I mean you know, I think he' I think he's the best one,the best enlest on TV, so kas like the to name. No one thing that kind of Boteto me. People started kind of taking shots athis salary when they laid off a lot of people at ESPN, and then you know hecame out and made the clear that hey the reason why I wasn't laid offbecause I bring revenue to the company like you know. If, if he wasn't oncertain segments a lot of people wouldn't watch yeah. I remember thathappening and I was like no. He is. He has made his win and earned this, and Iagree like I I mean I could probably only name,maybe a handful of ESPN folks that are still there and Stephen is definitelyon the list, and I agree like I'll. If I hear him from the other room, I'mlike I'm coming, I ont t here with Ho Eyou know a lot of people havesomething to say negative about maywort it, but when he has a fight you'regoing to watch the fight I well now I feel like we can do maybe arapid fire sports segment, so we're not fully alienating everyone, but we'restill we're still letting you get your analyst had on here. So what do youwant to do? NBA At NFL, MLB hockey in theb yeah? I I don't watch don'twatch a lot of you know. Baseballs, I love baseball,but to me baseball is like they just kind of sit in one spot and just waitto wait for Syo Hav to be to the game. Yeah to me, I, like I, like I likeactually slay, that baseball more than kind of watch it. So you know it's oneof those things but Eah, definitely NBA N Fl. I can definitely you know. Speak.I tell let's run through your NBA. I who doyou think, is a team that didn't make the playoffslast year in each conference. That'll make it this year. I always like theseunderdog stors Ightnow, because you got...

...all these trades that happen. So I can't really say who I don't know. Maybe Atlanta ICU nohawkthat, you know but, like Isaid it's kind of hard to Saye it now because they're still in preseason, soyou have all these ma a botit from last year. You have all well thin what I'msaying you can't really gothe last year, because the teams have changed so muchyeah like like, for example. So let's say: Let's Sey, I could say thewhizzerds right because they have John Wall left there. Well, he wasn'tplaying anyways, but I'm say he's officially praded now, so you know Ilike Beil, so I think Washington you knowcan, make some problems. Ithink until the preseason, like maybe like the first two weeks, get started,it's probably going to be extremely hard for me to say who I think is going to be a contender,because I still don't know all the trades that happend I just know likeyou know like I, the White, howards and people tha natured. You know the teamsthey that they wanted to didn't: Dwigt Tweet, that he was staying in La andthen immediately was like what delete Tad. I'm actually going to Philladelpiae told the La Management that he wanted to come back, but I think the dealdidn't havpen quick enough, but in my from my point of view, I think that they were they kind of put the white onthe backboner back burner and they'll wait nd to see if they can get somebetter pieces. So I'm actually glad and no' knock the DEWITE. The La Roster isamazing from top to bottems. So if they had to lit the white go to get therocks that they had up, you know big up to the GM. He made a hell of a combackthewas kind of on Tham Yeah Utbut thewit Harod had an awesome as lastyear, but I'm glad Hou got a ring. Ye H, I kind of feel like now. His history isstamped and he will definitely go to a Halloffan because he has that ring now,because you know he after that backs Wat. You know a lot of people. A lot ofpeople give them. I don'tfeel like Hes, really yeah, butso ha lot. Peol Stan is when you're like six foot, ten and you're at big.When you have back surgery a lot of people don't come back from that. Youknow you got to imagine how much wait. He's he's caring on he's. Having backsurgery, know e. You know his whole game was bat was based off of dunkingand blocking so when you can't move as quick or you can't jump as high as youused to that. Can you know extremely affect your game, especially if you'renot known, for you know, being a shooting. You know shooter an andhaving finessto you again, because he was more so like a power, personalhe'll power to power he com on you. So I'm glad to see he's. You know he'shealthy ind things now, but but back to the La Roster. You know they. They goton Montrez, herow, Wenshrolder, AH shure sure the shruggeryeah they got shrouldere. Now they got basically two two tho six menof the year word players in the team. Now so that Rostar thing is, you knowfrom top to the bottom? Is I don't see how they going to lose? Ifit were the clippers roster, I would say, because just the clippers havelike A. I don't know why, but any time theclippers are good. I feel like they just kind of like don't really enjoy playingbasketball like they're, just kind of like, let's just fast forward to theplayoffs and likewe'll, get it together then, and then I mean it didn't happen this year,Beltli yeah. I agree. I think the Lakers are like. If they don't repeatI'll, be very surprised now. I don't know it as Lebron to win that isLebronch and win without ad, but I definitely think he can still go deepin the playoffs without Anti Davis, because to me that an lat now is reallymore of Anthony Davis's team. Of course. Of course, Lebron still makes a majorstamp on the team, and you know now I think hes with like thirty five now andhe's still playing at an Allstar level. So I think you can definitely go deepin the playoffs, but Anti Davis is...

...definitely going to have to be healthybecause you know we haven't seen too many games from from Kayre and Katy, but you know yougot katy kind of redest, that's that's a hard thip to bargain with and maybemaybe hard and getting thrown in there too well see he hardes situation iscrazy. Man, like you know now I read a report of the day and theykind of basically saying like he's some pre Madonna and all he want to do, isparty and go to other cities. Har Yeah. They were trying to say that hard andItha Saye that e. He showed up the practice late. That's why him andWestbrook fell out, but you know the funny thing about sports is men. Yousee all this documentation and all these seguments about these players andyou'll never see clikin them say that stuff is actually actually happend. Soyou know it's rough being a a basketball, playen man, becauseeveryone is saying all these things about you, but no one, there's no Clipiof you wo saying those actual thing. So you know it's unfortunate, but I guesswhen you're making hundreds afd millions of dollars, they could saywhat they want to say about me too yeah, I'm like you can you can talk away on social media. Just like I'm getting this SK Yeah. I think I think it'll be ablastof really good season. I'm excited to see I'm still so impressed with the wholebubble like I was. I was shocked that went off without really any hitches oranything. So I'm I'm looking forward to the new season, which will be a fewweeks underway by the time this goes live but still still early on. So allof our predictions ill hold true. I will do one other basketball questionjust because I was talking about this last night and I think it's always fun.Do you have a favorite dunk from the Slam Dung contest all times you know. Probably most iconic dunk is probably micael. Jordan jump fromthe FREEDO line. I think that's probably one of the well that one and then, when Vince Cardad jumped and put it, Io a yeah e h yeah. I would probably say those areprobably one of my my Tok to don'tso. So I got one that I didn't like and Idon't understand why he wan. I was talking so much trash about this. whowas the do that jumped over the key on blagrip? What Oh yeah like this big ojumped over the kid everybody is praising you for it. I was so upsetthat year an then I would say my probably tobest Indon Games is when Andre, Jordan don't Gon Brandon Night,Oh and, and he destroyed him. Yes, yes, yeah and then my Ol school favoritedunk in game, is when ' Dr Jay, you remember when he came, I thin. He camefrom the left side, but the room he did a whole winmeal and then came back onthe other side of the room that that mightbe, the most Apoeti Dunk I've everseen. Themuhe looks like there's no effort at all. Like he's just like thisis so easy for me yeah and it's this in game. You know, that's that'st makesyou prisess an gain, excellent choices. Chris di you haveany other favorite ones. I think that was a wonderful list. Yeah. No, I think thoseare just some Tlik e yea. I just tend to remember the ones that shouldn'treally get the credit. That's the ones I'm like Plissit POW. I liked there was one I inof rememberthe year I think Itwas, maybe like twothousand and two or two thousand andthree but o you remember when Chris Anderson had like fifteen attempts. TheBirdman he just like kept missing, dunks athethat might have been Josh. Smithmight have won that year in two thousand and five, so this might havebeenthe year before in two thousand and four but emember Chris Enderson was inthe Dun contest before that, because I remembered him from the when he had allthese missduns and I was like he wasn't even that good last year like. Why ishe back here? But he you did. He did a dunk the year before,where he threw it off. The backboard and then like caught it and his legsand dunked, and then Jason Richardson,...

...was right after him, and Chris Andersonalso went through like five or six attempts before he finally dunked itand then just Jason Richardson Coes. The first time does the same, throw itoff the backboard, but then goes between the legs and the sixty and ducksuccessfully on the first time, and you could just kind of didn't like sayanything, but you can just tell he was like all right like this. Gus is notgood, like I'm just going to show him up real quick, and it was so so good,but I think yeah, I think he's maybe my favorite Dung contest Dunker, justbecause again, like jumped so high and just looked so like this is a piece ofcake. Every time he was doing it. Yea Remember: Hes Playn, the Hornes Tha wesaw in the coupof IMSME. Actually I my favorite ingame dunk involves theHornets, although maybe they were the Bob cats at that point, but it was old.Richard Jefferson, when he he dunks on Michael Kid Gilchrist and he getscalled for an offensive fall for like pushing off him, but he dunks he wus,like thirty six at this point and he dunks so like so intensely on him. Soit's similar to the DEUNDER Jordan Dunk and the entire Hornetts bench is justlike falling out of their seats watching it. That's when you know it's bad, so it'salways bad. When your actual team has te Levyeah, you know it's going to beerupeted next, a at he's just sitting there with like hisheads and his hands all sime. It's like! Let's go, let's move out, let's move on,they should put some basketball dunk. You see the segment for you got moss,yeah, egmet yeah. You know he shows e, had n playes pretty much a catchinglike one hand an like catching over three people, but madfact is so funnybecause you know Randy Moss lives in Charlotte. So I have A. I have a friend who who was open gymswho, who used to open jumpuut Jim up in the morning, and I was jogging around-I M- trying to get warmed up D. I like hey man, it's like man, Ha Guy, lookslike Randy Moss. I dogged around again I cam'e back and I stopp. I said youlook like Randy Moss. He Las look at me like he wanted o slap and Hes like CIS.I Av Rany Mo so you didn't pitch your y. You shouldthrowin some dunks into your. You Got Mu Sex. That was the opportunity. Well sports segment. I give it an aplus. Hopefully everyone listening is also similarly excited about the NBAseason, getting started in the NFL season, hitting the playoffs and justjust right around the corner there and to bring it all back to bring it allback. Are there plans for more games down theline or is? Are you like fives good for now, we'll keep we'll keep pushing thisfor now. So we do have like two games kind of in Te pipenline, where we'reworking through tthe functionalitoty game, how you playit. So you know we want to make sure we have a good product before we put itout. So you know if it takes longer and expected than whenver we're cool with take a little longer,but then also on the production side. We would like to eventually have anactual live gangs to where we would like have a Holt N in people on TV. Sothat's SOM so future goals that hopefully will that will come toforwihions, Ome Omore, looking looking forward to it and before we wrap up, Ialways like to end with the top three, and so, if you each wont of, if youwant to do like one, each and then one together or you each want to do yourtop three. I just love to hear your top three favorite cards for many of theGames. So one of my favorite is the fact one in this one points out the economic well of Yah within the black community,and it says the question is: How many hours does the black dollar circulate?Or how long does the black dollar circulate in the community? The answeris six hours, and so when you read that card you're like what you know, it'skind of one of those things where we purposely put in the game for people totake a step back and like wow like what... you mean? It only circulate sixhours in the black community beforer. We spend it somewhere else. So I thinkthat one is one of my favorite ones, because it shows that our game is notonly just hahi laughing. You know having a great time. We also try toreally throw some important information in there to just. You know, spark conversations for people toreally think about it and kind of say well, Hey. Well, what can we do tochange that like? How can we try to work on keeping the dollar within theblack community longer than six hours and then hopefully, what we want tocome out of that conversation from the different groups of people that areplaying? It is hey, let's start supporting more blackown business. Thisless, you know purposely, you know do it. You know when we get up in themorning and when we think okay, what are we going to go eat today? Maybe,let's think of a black restaurant, that we want to go to and support orwhatever we're wearing. Let's try to see what fashion is outtheng that'smade about by a black enche Preneur, so that one is one of my favorites. Whatwould you say since we've been talking about SportsOl pice? We as the car does the question to ask some who's, the bestbasketball playd of all time, so I think don' car we have Michaer, Jordan,Lebron James Kobe, Bryan, an believe Magic Johnson, so that question alwaysturns into a disscussion argunent, because if yo watch, if you watchthasketball Iyou, know, there's always going to be a discussion, who's betterMichael Al, Le Broon right and then you have people come in and say well howyou skipping over Kobe how's erons, giving over Kobe. So that's one of myfavorite questions as well: Yeah Still Win: Oh okay, another gool one! I think when we talkabout what can you expect from McDonald's? Oh, yes, yeah! That's the question is: What can you expectfrom McDonald's at ten o'clock? Okay, let's US see he. What do you thinkwithout us even giving you any an Er's all bad things, all BA? What would youeect fo mcdoalds t ten o'clock an night milksheck machine broken those machines are never gon.McDonald's was my first reembwhoever cleand the ice cream machine. We wouldjust say: Oh it's out for the rest of the night, because wet want to have togo back and do it anymore. So those machines are not domn. They are notBrokin IHINK COD IA NOSGONNA be ten minutes onFriday, yeah we don't have any more apple Po yeahand I o 'T. I can't remember yeah, but the reason why we made the card isbecause of the because so what happened? W my wife ispregnant. SHEAS hat cravos ride so she' like Nti. Can you go git me a nic,lurry right, I want aandso. We can have Aomemad Mi, it's something at least yeah yeah, but you got your hood car. Youget to tack, Ito theaiyou! Welcome to the COOKOUT YOU YE! Yes, I'm in there and I will not be bringingpotato salad. You know at Gota puteyody. You know like they're.Just really particular, I think, was bt... come. Ou yegood deal well. I havenot I've not seen all the cards yet, but every every thing that I've playedI've had a blast wit. So if people want to pick up, I I mean I'd say get allfive, but if they only want one or two like where can dego so we sell all theGames on our website, which is ww social lagcom and that's what oneSociallastcom Andyo, also by the game, Amazoncom as well, but most of the Psalte pact you can only buy on my website, yeah Wut, you can do like combos. Youcan pick in Chik. If you want to give the MVP pack of Ole Oll the Games,would you call it all start us on our website yeah? This was so much fun. I'M!I E want to go plat right after this. Well now, 'He's, definitely justprobably GOINGNA be one of his top podcast because you lettig him be up inthe Waerthey daysspanof Youre. Watching I know I might leave need a little bitof Fine Tuling, but you know we can work on this. You know I could like. Icould be like Steve Nacement Siki. Yes, kick it on over. I love it love itwhenever, as a talklot ICAN kind of bring h down little thiryeah when he'sgoing when he's getting off track. If there's like twenty seconds, lef belike hey, we'll wrap it up here, ill be great. Yeah, like my specialtyis Gwill,be like come on. stee come that's Ol Ha on for Comote, I mean I'm sor, I'm sorrn I'll sendI'll, send an audio tape to over to SPN. I start on radio and thenbuild youry up to video. It's the. I mean, that's what that's what studentidoe it's right! Doesn't he? He also has a radio shirrit yeahhe's heavy PA he's such a raint'away to do it way to do it awesome? Well, thank you so much and Igot to end with a Corny joke, like I always do. Why couldn't the pirates sitdown because they didn't have cheers his hisbooty got stolen? You know what see I'm out of pirate cur yeah. Youshould have got that. You don't know anything about that. So reasoni want to say something likethat, because me and my fellows. We had like this pause that we don't really doanymore, like Yousd, be like we do a couple years back, but an anytimesomeone says something was kind of like on the Fano bu like Haus. They had seen thi segment. I was likehis oody got, so how did you know Thatso you should you shouldreconsideryou can expect te Drom, inti QUESII'm, not thinking about Ano Iuti,like I like. That's where mind went toug, but good good call with the pots.

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